Clover Moore and The Homeless


Dear Clover

I have read with concern about what happened at Wentworth Park and while I don't believe anything I read in The Daily Telegraph, I am still troubled by what the council did. (I know the stupid Tele attacks anything you do)

I read the statement on your website but it didn't really answer my worries.

You said that you didn't move anyone on or kick them out but why insist that they can't even have a tent?


Why is Begging Illegal in Victoria?


The Victorian police have started “cracking down’ on homeless people who beg for change on Melbourne streets

It’s claimed that the police have even “confiscated” the money given to beggars.

Why on earth is it ILLEGAL to ask people for money on the street in Victoria?

A charity group says they have witnessed police taking begging cups from destitute people who are sleeping rough.

WGAR News: The Federal Government is not listening while people die: Gerry Georgatos, The Stringer

Newsletter date: 10 June 2013


* Gerry Georgatos, The Stringer: Suicide attempts among women on the rise
* Gerry Georgatos, The Stringer: The Federal Government is not listening while people die

* SNAICC News: Governments must commit to survival of Aboriginal children and family centres

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* Jeremy Geia, NITV News: Calls to scrap cigarette 'skins' displaying Indigenous flag

* Pro Bono News: Film Recognises Depression in Urban Indigenous Communities

fun fun fun for people with disabilities

What's the point of having NDIS funded domestic assistance if I am cut off the DSP and don't have a house?
If I am cut off DSP and moved to Newstart I will be unable to afford medications essential to life and I will die, perhaps after an extended expensive process of brain death.
I have conditions that can't be rehabilitated.
What's the point of a rehab plan?
What's the point of a return to work plan if there is no job and no ability to do a job properly or consistently?


WGAR News: Mary Graham calls for Sovereignty national discussion: The Stringer

Newsletter date: 28 March 2013


* The Stringer: Mary Graham calls for Sovereignty national discussion
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WGAR News: Aboriginal youth could be silent victims in mandatory sentencing: The Wire

Newsletter date: 28 February 2013


* The Wire: Aboriginal youth could be silent victims in mandatory sentencing
* Amy McQuire, Tracker: Legal service slams WA govt’s "despicable" plans for mandatory sentencing
* The Stringer: Feed the little children
* The Stringer: Sansbury and Franks say "enough" and time for the SA Government to act
* Background to Aboriginal imprisonment and Deaths in Custody

* The Stringer: Aboriginal peoples finally to be included in SA Constitution - but 'no' to Treaty

WGAR News: Australia's horrific incarceration rates of Aboriginal peoples: The Stringer

Newsletter date: 26 February 2013


* The Stringer: International Prisoners Justice Day highlights Australia's horrific incarceration rates of Aboriginal peoples
* Background to Aboriginal imprisonment and Deaths in Custody

* Dr Alice Clark, The Stringer: Housing and homelessness issues for Aboriginal and Islander Peoples living in South Australia

* The Stringer: One of Australia's worst massacres - 150 Yaburara men, women and children slaughtered

* Paddy Gibson, Solidarity Online: "Captain's pick" Nova Peris will make NT Labor's problems worse

HOMELESS FOLK. Homeless folk who are forever among us and public housing waiting lists are vastly different. We need Homeless Friendly cities and towns. Justice for ALL.

Homeless people are among us, and often many turn a blind eye.

Homeless folk who live on the streets and in our parks are different in context to homelessness and waiting lists for public housing.

Unfortunately our governments do not take seriously enough the funding required to ensure adequate accommodation and adequate public housing.