Hazara Australians to protest across Australia at Afghanistan genocide

Hazara Australians are saying that Afghanistan is unsafe for Hazaras and they are asking the international community to intervene and protect Hazaras from being massacred. Thousands of Australian Hazaras and their supporters will gather in all main cities of Australia on Sunday, 30 May 2010 to protest against the current wave of attacks on Hazaras by Kochi (nomad) as the Taliban Pushtoon forces backed by Karzai Government and to show that the condition for Hazaras in Afghanistan and those fleeing as refugees, is unsafe and far from improved.

Australians form 'human lifesaving rings' for refugees

Over the weekend Australian refugee supporters attended 'Human Lifesaving ring' events in cities around Australia to send a clear message to politicians: asylum seekers should not be used as political pawns. The events were organised by Amnesty International, Get Up, Refugee and asylum seeker support groups, union and church groups.


Awful days ahead for refugees

Over the next few weeks hundreds of Afghan Hazaras in Darwin, Christmas Island and Villawood detention centres, are going to be refused visas on the grounds that Afghanistan is "evolving" and that it is safe to return. The evidence of persecution and the stories of fear of return have not changed in the past month.
The Hazaras were being granted refugee visas at the rate of 100% until now. What has changed are politics in Australia and the looming election.