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Harvey Norman furniture tagged as destructive to at-risk native forests

This week, Harvey Norman stores across Australia have been visited as part of an innovative marketing campaign to give customers the real story of where their new native forest furniture is sourced.

The Last Stand has been campaigning to highlight the role Harvey Norman plays in the destruction of our native forests. Their native Australian furniture and flooring is sourced from high conservation value forests at risk in New South Wales, Victoria, Western Australia and Tasmania.

“If Harvey Norman won’t tell the truth to their customers we will” said Nicola Paris from the Last Stand.


Sydney Opera House banner drop protests Harvey Norman forest destruction

Five environmental activists were arrested yesterday for climbing the Opera House and draping a banner on one of the sails protesting Retailer Harvey Norman's participation in Australian native forest destruction. The banner read "No Harvey No! Stop selling Aussie forest destruction!" and was part of a global 24 hours of action targeting the Harvey Norman business with more than 30 actions taking place in Australia and several overseas.

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Global 24 hours of action for Australia's forests. Join us on 8 Oct 2011 and say No Harvey No!

On Saturday 8 October in Australia (which might be your 7th or 8th Oct depending on timezone) join us to stand up for our forests at Harvey Norman stores and other locations across Australia and the planet and say

No Harvey Norman No! Stop selling Aussie forest destruction!

Australia's world-class forests are still being ripped apart by industrial logging operations every single day. The destruction of our native forests is placing our threatened species, clean air and water, and climate in serious danger.

Forest protest hits Harvey Norman

Homeless animals move into Harvey Norman store.

Today a group of Tasmanian animals including Tasmanian devils and quolls moved into the Harvey Norman store in Hobart. Conservationists from Still Wild Still Threatened, dressed as native animals, occupied the store, calling for Harvey Norman to stop sourcing native forest products. One protestor dressed as a Swift Parrot climbed a light post outside the store, displaying a banner reading “Stop selling native animal habitat.”


Sydney forest activist scales roof of Harvey Norman complex

Media Release 6/8/2011 Today activists from The Sydney Forest Defense Crew have staged a protest at the Harvey Norman Complex in Alexandria. The company is being targeted for selling furniture and flooring made from native forest timbers. 27-year-old Matthew Rider has scaled the building's atrium to suspend a banner that labels Australia's biggest furniture retailer 'Forest Destroyers'. The activists have also suspended a stereo system playing sounds of chainsaws and falling trees.


No Harvey No! Forest activists unfurl giant banner at QV building, Melbourne

Today, two activists scaled trees outside the QV building in Melbourne’s CBD and unfurled a giant banner, stating ‘No Harvey No! Stop selling forest destruction!’ The climbers have positioned themselves high in the trees in front of a Harvey Norman sign and are intent on staying up the trees as long as possible to take a stand against forest destruction. They are being supported by ten activists on Swanston St, who are distributing information to members of the public.


Conservationists shut down Harvey Norman outlet in Nowra

SEFR Media Release: 23/7/11 This morning 12 conservationists have shut down the Harvey Norman store in Nowra. The company is being targeted for selling furniture and flooring made from native forest timbers.

One activist has climbed atop a lamp post in the store’s carpark and is suspended by cables that are attached to structures blocking access to the store. A coalition of grassroots conservation groups from across Australia have come together to take part in today’s action. These groups include South East Forest Rescue, Still Wild Still Threatened, Chip Stop and Friends of Five Forests.

“Recent research has shown clearly that Harvey Norman are implicated in the industrial scale destruction of irreplaceable forests across Australia,” said Miranda Gibson, spokesperson for the coalition.

“Pristine forests are being destroyed every day in Australia, threatening endangered species, degrading water catchments and contributing to climate change. This wood is then being shipped overseas to China and brought back to Australia to be sold as furniture in Harvey Norman stores,” said Ms Gibson

“Within kilometers of this furniture store the forests of the south east coast are being decimated at an alarming rate,” said Lisa Stone from South East Forest Rescue. “Core habitat areas for threatened and endangered species like spotted quolls, koalas, yellow-belly gliders is being lost. It’s not lawful, it’s unsustainable and it’s time for retailers to take responsibility. It’s time to bring an end to native forest logging in this country.”

“We are calling on Harvey Norman to stop sourcing timber from native forest, and start using alternatives such as plantation and recycled timber,” said Ms Gibson.

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