Gunns to finally end logging native forests in Australia

After thirty years fighting for change in Australia’s logging industry by conservation groups and the community, Australia’s largest logging company company Gunns Ltd has finally announced an end to the logging of native forests in Australia.

Gunns CEO Greg L’Estrange said at a conference yesterday, “Native forest is not part of our future.”

"We see that the conflict largely has to end…The vast support of the Australian population is with the environmental non-government organisations,” he said.


Conservationists halt logging in Tasmania's Weld Valley

On sunday night fourteen forest activists walked into the Barnback Creek area in Tasmania's Weld Valley to protest continued logging of threatened old growth forests. At least one person is pole sitting locked on to forestry equipment.

"Huon Valley Environment Centre is calling for an immediate end to logging of high conservation value forests, urgent protection is vital. We are loosing critical endangered species habitat and forests of immense value," Huon Valley Environment Centre's Jenny Weber said.


Gunns 20 trial update

Gunns Ltd's case against the remaining Gunns 20 defendants will go to trial in February 2010, more than five years after the first writs were originally served in December 2004.

The case is now before Justice Forrest who has estimated that the trial, when it finally arrives, will run for up to five weeks. He has determined that the trial will be heard before a judge only, no jury.

The case has already cost an estimated $3 million and is likely to cost much more by the end. It is already considered the longest running and most expensive case of its kind in Australia's legal history.