Go Topless

International GoTopless Day - Aug 24, 2014 It is a matter of Equal Right's

GoTopless.org Australia
We will be hosting a peaceful Protest at the Byron peace Pole, on August 24th 12pm - 3pm

A woman deserves the same choice as a man...
International GoTopless Day August 24th Women and supportive friends are taking part in this action all around the world to help free Humanity in regards to this issue of Equal Rights for Women. www.gotopless.org


Sixth International GoTopless Day protests to claim women’s equal topless rights

August 22nd 2013 - “Around the world, gender topless discrimination still abounds,” said Nadine Gary, president of GoTopless, a women’s organisation fighting for equal topless rights on the basis of gender equality.

She said the organisation will hold topless civil rights demonstrations worldwide on August 25, marking the sixth straight year it has done so.

“We’ll be seen in greater numbers this year, with events in close to 40 cities around the world,” Gary said.
“Women must have the same legal right to go without a top that men do!”