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More than two years have passed since Til Schweiger obtained the closure of Since that time, it’s been more difficult to create an overview – and to definitively give some courage. Indymedia Linksunten is used and considered by many as a platform, but texts published on it soon become archived on back pages. Chronics in ‘underground notebooks’ or listings by topics create an overview from time to time. Much remains unnoticed, especially without a claim of responsibility in it’s stride.

WGAR News: Australia's NT Intervention introduced measures that are overtly discriminatory against Aboriginal people: Paddy Gibson of Jumbunna

Newsletter date: 25 June 2015


* Audio Interview: CAAMA: Australia's second class citizens legislation written in stone...

[Featuring Paddy Gibson, Jumbunna Indigenous House of Learning, UTS]

* About CAAMA: Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association:
* Overview: UTS Jumbunna - Research Strength

WGAR News: Sydney protests 8th year of NT Intervention: STICS - Stop the Intervention Collective Sydney

Newsletter date: 19 June 2015


* Media Release: STICS - Stop the Intervention Collective Sydney: Sydney protests 8th year of NT Intervention
* Upcoming anniversary march & rally: 3pm, 21 June 2015: NT Intervention - Stolen Futures - 8 Years of Racist shame!
* Homepage of Stop the Intervention:

26-28 June 2015: An art installation about the Yolngu people: S.O.S. Australia -restoring dignity will take place in Berlin

From the 26th till 28th of June the art installation S.O.S. Australia –restoring dignity will take place in Berlin.

The installation is about Yolngu people and their struggle for land rights, self-determination and a treaty.

The installation was developed in cooperation with Michele Harris from 'concerned Australians' and with the support of Yolngu people from Arnhem Land. It will be dedicated to Michele Harris.

(A-Radio) Anarchist bookfairs and upcoming events in Europe

As Anarchist Radio Berlin we talked to comrades from France, Slovenia and the Netherlands about anarchist bookfairs in Spring 2015 and other upcoming events.

Besides several bookfairs, we also present you an international radio meeting in Slovenia or, for example, the Pinksterlanddagen camp in the Netherlands.

America’s unnerving celebrations post Bin Laden's death

"Rot in hell" screams the front page of the New York Post. “The Butcher of 9/11 is dead”, “We got him”, “US nails the bastard” as the United States of America basks in bloodthirsty revelry, tabloid antics went into over-drive. Spontaneous celebration filled Times Square, crowds gathered in front of the White House euphorically cheering “USA, USA, USA”. Mass hysteria broke out on the social networking scene with Twitter reporting 4000 tweets per second as news of Osama Bin Laden’s murder broke out.

Germany temporarily switching off seven nukes, may rescind longer running times

Areas directly endangered in Germany in case of a nuclear fuel meltdown in a German or near-border foreign nuke.

The emphatically pro-nuclear German government has ordered all seven nuclear power stations that began working up to the end of 1980 to be temporarily taken off-line.

After meeting with the premiers of states that have nuclear power plants, Chancellor Angela Merkel announced that in response to the nuclear disaster in Japan, the safety of all 17 German nukes is to be reviewed by 15 June.


3,000 demonstrated against nuclear transport at 23 locations in Germany

Media release translated by Diet Simon

Anti-nuclear activists demonstrated at 23 locations across Germany on Saturday (12 February) against the imminent delivery of waste to a storage hall at Lubmin on the Baltic coast.

The Northeast Anti-Nuclear Alliance reports at least 1,000 protesters in other locations and about 2,000 plus six tractors at Greifswald, the nearest larger town to Lubmin and former location of a nuclear power station.

300 in warm-up for protest against delivery of nuclear waste to out-of-sight out-of-mind north German dump

[The same story with links to background]

By Diet Simon, adapting a media release.

The Northeast German Anti-Nuclear Alliance has started protests against imminent delivery of nuclear waste to an out-of-sight out-of-mind dump at the seaside resort Lubmin with a mobilisation demonstration in the Baltic port city Rostock on Saturday 5 February.