2,200 protest at plutonium shipments from UK to Germany

About 2,200 nuclear opponents demonstrated outside the Grohnde power station in central north Germany on Sunday 16 January. The protesters, from very young to quite elderly, squatted outside the nuke in a symbolic action. They demanded that the federal and state governments scrap nuclear transport plans.

Authorities breach basic rights to enforce German nuclear transport

People have protested in more than 100 German cities against yet another rail consignment of nuclear waste as police and other authorities broke all kinds of constitutional rights to ram it through in wintry chaos to the Baltic seaside resort of Lubmin.
Four caskets (CASTORS) of waste, created in Germany but taken to France for processing, was railed through the two countries from Cadarache to Lubmin on the Baltic coast, right in the middle of a popular seaside tourist region.

German court rules in favor of passive assisted suicide

Germany's Federal Court of Justice has ruled that assisted suicide is legal in certain cases. The ruling is based on a case involving a terminally-ill coma patient whose daughter attempted to cut her feeding tube.,,5730366,00.html?maca=en-newsletter_...