WGAR News: Australia is committing genocide on a scale unequalled anywhere in the modern world: Michael Anderson, Sovereign Union

Newsletter date: 30 November 2014

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Open Letter: WGAR advocates long-term funding for Aboriginal community controlled organisations

Dear P.M,

We wish to formally register our opposition to the drastic cuts to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander programs in the 2014 Federal budget.

The Coalition’s Intervention in this country is still traumatising communities. Therefore the budget cuts further compound the oppression and defeat any chance of Self-determination.

If this is the Coalition’s intention we sincerely advise that the Coalition desists and takes a more Humanitarian approach to this country’s First Nations Peoples, consistent with International U.N Human Rights standards.


WGAR News: 'Gallipoli, Inc' helps the denial of genocide: David T. Rowlands, Green Left

Newsletter date: 25 April 2013


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International day of protest against killing of Hazaras - Melbourne, 1 October 2011

Melbourne’s Hazara community joined with others across Australia and around the world in protests condemning ‘the silent genocide of Hazaras in the name of religion and to urge the international community, the UN and the Australian Government to end their silence on this brutality’ (Media release from the Australian Hazara Foundation).


WGAR News: Australia - a continuing genocide? (24 Oct 10)

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Australia - a continuing genocide?
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Genocide of Aborigines since invasion, international conference told

Melbourne, 13 July 2010 - - An Aboriginal leader has told about 500 international psychologists and psychiatrists meeting here that Australia has perpetrated genocide on Aboriginal people since the white invasion and continues to do so.

Michael Anderson, leader of the 3,000 Euahlayi, whose lands straddle the border between northwest New South Wales and southwest Queensland, made the accusation to a genocide section of the 27th conference of the International Association of Applied Psychology, running from 12 to 16 July in the Melbourne Convention Centre.


Hazara Australians to protest across Australia at Afghanistan genocide

Hazara Australians are saying that Afghanistan is unsafe for Hazaras and they are asking the international community to intervene and protect Hazaras from being massacred. Thousands of Australian Hazaras and their supporters will gather in all main cities of Australia on Sunday, 30 May 2010 to protest against the current wave of attacks on Hazaras by Kochi (nomad) as the Taliban Pushtoon forces backed by Karzai Government and to show that the condition for Hazaras in Afghanistan and those fleeing as refugees, is unsafe and far from improved.