The Allies at Gallipoli: Defeat in 1915, Disgrace in 2015

By David Boyajian

April 25 will mark 100 years since the Allies – the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and France – made their ill-fated landing on Turkey’s Gallipoli peninsula during WW1. Having barely gotten off the beaches after months of fighting, the Allies withdrew in defeat leaving over 44,000 dead and 97,000 wounded.

WGAR News: Gallipoli not the only war to define Australian warfare: Gary Foley, Canberra Times

Newsletter date: 29 April 2014


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Newsletter date: 27 April 2013


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WGAR News: 'Gallipoli, Inc' helps the denial of genocide: David T. Rowlands, Green Left

Newsletter date: 25 April 2013


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ANZAC Day Statement from Melbourne Anarchist Communist Group

WAR IS HELL. Galllipoli, 1915. On 25 April, 1915, Australian, British and other imperialist troops landed on a Turkish beach. It was the beginning of a horrendous waste of human life in the Gallipoli campaign, which was itself a minor part of the larger waste of human life during World War I. Both sides in this war were reactionary imperialist alliances, fighting to re-divide the world in the struggle for colonies, resources and markets.