Melbourne Forum talks Health versus Capitalism

Last night, Melbourne's Plan B collective hosted a panel discussion and forum at the Victorian Trades Hall on the topic of “Health vs. Capitalism”. The panel's four speakers were selected to present a range of academic, professional and activist views on the intersection and impact of capitalism upon modern healthcare and global well-being.



A protest group behind what is billed to be the largest demonstration against the G20 Leaders Summit in Brisbane has hailed former Queensland Solicitor General Walter Sofronoff’s comments on the legality of protests items such as masks and loudhailers at G20 protests in Brisbane.


Interview: Jan on why she's attending the G20 people's summit

Climate change is not on the Australian G20 agenda. As the most pressing issue of our era, why not? Jan is a protestor at the G20 in Brisbane, Australia 2014. More info see http://briscan.net.au/

Download or listen online here: http://www.radio4all.net/index.php/program/77959

Farmer puts climate #onmyagenda at Brisbane #G20

A farmer at Felton on the Darling Downs has found a novel way to communicate to the G20 leaders expected in Brisbane: a ploughed sign in his field that says 'GO 2 Solar',

Rob McCreath said in a statement, "Australia is one of the richest per capita countries in the world, with the highest per capita greenhouse gas emissions in the developed world. We have huge reserves of sunshine, so making use of it is simply a matter of common sense. Our government’s reluctance to do so is an international embarrassment.


Lets Shut Down the World Business Forum in Syney 28th-29th May 2014

Speeking of protests lets start organizing for a blockade of the World Business Forum in Sydney May 28th-29th at Star City Casino there will be 60 CEO's from the world's largest multinational corporations in one place who will be coming up with policies to be adopted by the G20 so shut down these lead up meetings that will be taking place in the lead up to the G20 in Brisbane where security will be at the minimum. It will be a great training mission for the G20.



Queensland grass roots organise to face the G20 in 2014 - You're Invited!

You’re invited: G20 Community Response discussion forum

2nd meeting – all welcome!

On November 16, a group of about 50 people from a broad spectrum of community groups met to discuss collaboration and cooperation in responding to the G20's presence in Brisbane next year (Nov 15-16 2014)

We invite you to join us in furthering the discussion about networking, alternative forums, community engagement, legal matters, creative events and more.

The next meeting will be held:

Saturday 30 November 2013
10am - 12pm
Justice Place, 5 Abingdon St.

G20 countries reject Robin Hood Tax, continue subsidies to Big Oil and Coal amid street protests

The G20 countries have rejected the proposal for a micro tax on large financial transactions - dubbed a Robin Hood Tax - at the meeting in Toronto Canada 25-27 June, while riot police have turned the streets into a bloody battleground with pre-emtive house raids of activists, attacking peaceful protests, baton charges, and over 100 arrests. (See up to the minute reporting from the G20 Alt Media Centre) | Toronto G20 People's March Photos

Update: Jun 29: Over 900 people arrested - Journalists Illegally Detained and Searched en Masse | WWF: G20: long on platitudes, short on delivery | Democracy Now: Naomi Klein: The Real Crime Scene Was Inside the G20 Summit


Live independant coverage of G20 protests in Pittsburgh

In the "land of the free" a march protesting against the G20 in Pittsburgh was declared an illegal assmebly after it wasn't given a permit. Protestors have been attacked with pepper spray, rubber bullets, sound weapons and tear gas. There has also been some property damage been committed by demonstrators. Check out the live independant coverage from the G-Infinity website, a media project of Pittsburgh Indymedia
G-Infintiy - http://indypgh.org/g20/
Pittsburgh Indymedia - http://indypgh.org/index.php

Another G20 Trial - Sydney Activists face County Court in Melbourne

The trial of two Sydney activists began in the Melbourne County Court today. Tim and Sunil are facing two counts each of aggravated burglary, which can carry a 25-year jail term, for allegedly walking into offices on ‘Corporate Engagement Day’ two and a half years ago with nothing more than glitter and water pistols. They each also face two counts of criminal damage and and unlawful assembly for the same incidents, which were part of protests against the G20 meeting in Melbourne in November 2006. They are fighting extremely serious charges for what was a benign and fairly standard action.