Open Letter: WGAR advocates long-term funding for Aboriginal community controlled organisations

Dear P.M,

We wish to formally register our opposition to the drastic cuts to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander programs in the 2014 Federal budget.

The Coalition’s Intervention in this country is still traumatising communities. Therefore the budget cuts further compound the oppression and defeat any chance of Self-determination.

If this is the Coalition’s intention we sincerely advise that the Coalition desists and takes a more Humanitarian approach to this country’s First Nations Peoples, consistent with International U.N Human Rights standards.


Medicare-Style Disability Levy Will Contribute to Growth

NDIS Levy Will Generate Growth : comment


If, heaven forfend, a certain Opposition Leader was ever to fall over his handlebars onto his noggin, who or what is going to look after his showering needs, treat his bedsores, mush his tucker, stop him absconding, restrain any violence, take him to the day care centre, putin ramps, sort out the mortgage and keep food on the family table? Disability Care will.



WGAR News: "ALSWA, Governor McCusker, McGlade and Gooda slam extensions to mandatory sentencing"

Newsletter date: 7 March 2013


* Gerry Georgatos, The Stringer: ALSWA, Governor McCusker, McGlade and Gooda slam extensions to mandatory sentencing
* NIRS: Legal service slams WA mandatory sentencing push
* CAAMA: Calls for release of juvenile prisoners being held in a men's prison
* Background to Aboriginal imprisonment and Deaths in Custody

* The Stringer: Taoundai Conference brings on the Aboriginal Liberation Movement

* NIRS: Funding still not reaching communities: Smallwood

Climate denial investigation - while scientists muzzled Dr. John Mashey investigates right-wing billionaires & corporations who pay alleged "charities", bloggers, & old weathermen to deny climate science. Some of that propaganda money went to New Zealand and Australia. Then Canadian journalist Margaret Munro on government muzzling scientists, plus update by UCS Francesca Grifo on science freedom in U.S.
CD Quality of this Radio Ecoshock report (56 MB) here:

Victorian government launches funding for community climate projects

The Victorian State Government has just announced grants for the community greenhouse programs for local community action on climate change. The O'Hea Biketown Project in North Coburg was used as the flagship for the launch of the program by Victorian Climate Change Minister Gavin Jennings at CERES environmental park in Brunswick today.


Educational apartheid in the Northern Territory and the Building The Education Revolution program

The Northern Territory government has set up an apartheid education system in the Northern Territory and the Federal Government seems to accept it.