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Police threaten to seek ban on pro-Palestine march

Press release – for immediate release The NSW Police have contacted the organisers of the Al-Nakba commemoration march in Sydney threatening to seek a Supreme Court injunction unless the march is cancelled. The protesters have decided to assert their right to public protest, saying that they will contest any attempt to prohibit the march.


Fuckwalk Melbourne – Protest at Anti-Swearing Laws – 25 June 2011

Following on from the successful ‘Swear-in’ on June 3rd, opponents of the government’s proposed permanent legislation allowing for on-the-spot fines for indecent, offensive or disorderly language organised a ‘political fuckwalk’ from Flinders Street Station to the Bourke Street Mall on Saturday 25 June. The initial gathering at the station was rather chaotic, but once the walk got underway the message came over fairly loud and clear. Once arrived at the mall the crowd was addressed by speakers from a convenient cherry-picker, while police and TV crews looked on…


Lex Wotton challenging legal ban in High Court

Released last year from jail, Lex Wotton has been given a four-year media ban as part of his parole conditions, which prevents him from attending forums on Palm Island without the permission of Queensland authorities. Together with a great legal team including Allens, Levitt Robinson, Ron Merkel QC and Kris Walker, a landmark High Court case on representative democracy, political participation and the right to free speech is running a case to fight Lex's gag order. The case is set down for August.


More Secrets mp3

Wiki Leaks, J.Assange, B Manning, Daniel Elsberg, Julian Burnside, "The Establishment", bbc news quiz excerpt, and more - collaged together with music from Paris Acid Reflux, John Lennon - Beatles - electronica - world music - samples

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Free Julian Assange! Hands Off WikiLeaks!

The Internationalist  
December 2010 

Sinister Attack on WikiLeaks to Cover Up Imperialist Crimes

Free Julian Assange! Drop All Charges!

Julian Assange, presenting WikiLeaks' release of files on Afghanistan war in London, July 26.

Media accountability—The Age must say ‘Sorry’ to Australians

On the 12th May 2010, I filed a report under the heading: ‘Can we trust our media? The shocking behaviour of the Age’s Journalist, John Garnaut’. In this report, I describe how I uncovered the shocking behaviour of The Age’s Journalist John Garnaut in his report dated 9 May 2009 under the heading ‘Journey through an earthquake’.