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Israel sabotages 2 ships of the freedom flotilla ii in greek and turkish ports

It has now been confirmed that two ships that were to take part in the Freedom Flotilla II to Gaza have been sabotaged. One boat, a joint Greek-Swedish passenger boat, harboured in a Greek port was found with a damaged axel on Tuesday afternoon, and now another boat, an Irish passenger boat, in a Turkish harbour has been found to have exactly the same damage.

Freedom Flotilla II: We will go to Gaza.

Despite pressure from Israel upon the Greek government to stop the flotilla II from setting sail from Greek ports, in the press conference today activists from around the world, including parliamentary members, authors and other notables, declared their intention to continue their attempts to support the people of Palestine by brining aid and opening up the Gazan port to international sea traffic.

Israeli violence in international waters- recording

This is a link to a recording from the Greek ship 'sfendoni' which was among those in the freedom flotilla on their way to Gaza. There were many nationalities on board, not to mention the Israelis, so there is English spoken as well. This recording needs no explanation. It is witness enough.

We are giving our spirit and blood, freedom to Palestine, freedom to Gaza.ελλάδα/αποκλειστικά-στο-tvxs-ντοκουμέντο-από-την-επίθεση-στη-σφενδόνη

Translation of declaration by pro-Palestine activists detained in Bersheeba Prison

The declaration below was written by a group of Greeks from the cargo ship "Eleftheri Mesogeios" and the Sfendoni, two of the ships hijacked by the Israeli Defence Force while on their way to Gaza in company with the ships from Turkey (IHH) and 1 from the Free Gaza movement. The imprisoned passengers wrote this declaration while still detained at Bersheeba prison yesterday evening, when they gave it to the Greek ambassador who made it public. The full report can be found at

6 Greeks from flotilla to Gaza allowed to return to Greece

Six Greeks have been released by Israel and have returned to Athens. A press conference has just ended where they revealed the details of their treatment by the IDF and the condition of the other passengers on two boats, Sfendoni and Eleftheri Mesogeio. A transcription of the press release will follow in the following hours.
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