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February 2015 Honduras coup update


February 2015 Honduras coup update


Political persecution in February 2015


Police kidnapping in the context of a struggle against hydroelectricity dam


Melbourne Forum talks Health versus Capitalism

Last night, Melbourne's Plan B collective hosted a panel discussion and forum at the Victorian Trades Hall on the topic of “Health vs. Capitalism”. The panel's four speakers were selected to present a range of academic, professional and activist views on the intersection and impact of capitalism upon modern healthcare and global well-being.


More tobacco, less health care as Trans-Pacific Partnership secrecy tightens

The secret Trans-Pacific Partnership is about to become even more secret, perhaps seen as a necessity in light of plans to make it easier for tobacco companies to sue while making health care more difficult to obtain.

Occupy Protestors occupy TPPA negotiations in Melbourne

On the 1st day of the 11th round of TPPA negotiations, Occupy Melbourne took non violent direct action at the Melbourne Convention Centre. Three protestors locked on with thumb locks inside the venue and before being arrested for trespass were cut free by police using an angle grinder, an action that was heavy handed and dangerous. The protest aimed to draw attention to the way the secret negotiations for the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement will empower U.S. multi-nationals at the expense of democracy.
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