Coal industry bullies infiltrate Australian environmental group.

The environmnetal movement,  Landcare Australia is controlled by the fossil fuel and coal seam gas industry by a network of companies and organizations with controversial environmental ethics.

“We have to be aware of the possibility that some might want to partner with Landcare in order to greenwash what might otherwise be bad corporate behaviour.” Campbell Anderson,  Landcare in Focus Nov 2012, p12.


WGAR News: The Lurujarri Heritage Trail: Jenita Enevoldsen, Marine Campaigner, The Wilderness Society

Newsletter date: 12 September 2013


* Jenita Enevoldsen, The Wilderness Society: The Lurujarri Heritage Trail
* Goolarabooloo: Looking after Country!
* Glen Klatosvky, Reconciliation For Western Sydney: Building Bridges 2013: Kimberley Gas Hub - For and Against
* Greens Senator Rachel Siewert: Greens announce a doubling of Indigenous Rangers and new vision for the Kimberley
* Greens WA MLC Robin Chapple: Kimberley vision launch
* Tony Eastley, ABC News: Broome residents say tourism ignored in election campaign


WGAR News: Arnhem Land Traditional Owners call for an end to fracking: The Stringer

Newsletter date: 22 March 2013


WGAR News: Protect Arnhem Land Campaign: Respect and Listen [Northern Territory - NT, Australia] (25 Jul 13)

WGAR News: Background to the Protect Arnhem Land Campaign, Northern Territory (NT), Australia (28 Jul 13)


Video: Campbelltown rally hears how Sydney's water catchments under threat from CSG

On Sunday around 300 residents rallied in Campbelltown in western Sydney and called on the NSW state government and Federal Government to protect drinking water and drinking water catchments, and for local communities to protect their farmland and water resources from Coal seam gas (CSG) development. Jess Moore from Stop CSG Illawarra spoke passionately and outlined the campaign to stop coal seam gas mining in Sydney's water catchments and the threat it poses to the millions of people who live in greater Sydney area. Here is her speech with transcription.


Fracking - The Rest of the Story

As shale gas (or coal gas) fracking envelops Australia and the world - pay attention to the repression of information and victims in the United States.

This is a full program about the risks of fracking, with voices seldom heard. It's also about the failure of the US Environmental Protection Agency to regulate this industry (although it's hands were tied by Pres Geo Bush's exemption for the industry from the Safe Water Drinking Act).

Fracking Gas = Climate Crash

For years, governments, industry, and TV ads told us natural gas is the safe bridge fuel while we move away from dirty coal and oil.

Cornell University scientist Robert Howarth wondered "Is that true?". When Howarth found no science to back up big claims for the gas industry, he and a team from Cornell went to work.

Drew Hutton arrested at gas pipeline blockade

On March 29th Drew Hutton, spokesperson for Friends of the Earth and leading campaigner for the national Lock the Gate campaign, was arrested at the Tara anti-coal seam gas blockade. He appeared in court the following day after spending the night in custody where he was bailed to appear in court in April.