Fortescue dirty tricks claim two more heads

YINDJIBARNDI ABORIGINAL CORPORATION, 14 March 2013 - Fortescue dirty tricks claim two more heads

Yesterday the National Indigenous Times (NIT) reported that Bruce Woodley, chairman of the Wirlu-Murra Yindjibarndi Aboriginal Corporation (WMYAC), was “bullied and intimidated” into standing down because he told ABC’s 7.30 and the NIT that FMG and its “snake in the grass” agent, Michael Gallagher, controlled WMYAC; and because he sent letters complaining of malfeasance at WMYAC to ORIC and ASIC.

WGAR News: Call for royal commission into native title: The Wire

Newsletter date: 10 February 2013


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Conflicting information, interests and land owners dog FMG

BIG THANKS to the National Indigenous Times and its very special journalist Gerry Georgatos in exposing the FMG hand in dividing the Yindjibarndi and then in keeping up the coverage - because of this mainstream media got the guts to run with a story not looking too pretty for Andrew Forrest and FMG!
Conflicting information, interests and land owners dog FMG

Fortescue Metals Group has had its East Pilbara iron ore operations caught in disputes over conflicting information, conflicts of interest and the authority of traditional owners.


FMG's "The True Yindjibarndi Story" versus YAC's "FMG's Great Native Title Swindle"

Two different sides to the Yindjibarndi/Fortescue story - make up your own mind ala Akira Kurosawa style!

This is a 10 minute 22 second clip commercially produced to depict a version of events from the March 16, 2011 Yindjibarndi community meeting to decide whether Yindjibarndi should negotiate with Fortescue over mining rights on the terms offered by Fortescue - Andrew Forrest spoke to the Yindjibarndi at the meeting:

The film was produced post April 4:


What have FMG got to hide? Yindjibarndi cameras blocked for “safety” reasons

By Michael Woodley, CEO of Yindjibarndi Aboriginal Corporation Yindjibarndi elders travelled to Fortescue Metal’s Solomon Project mining site on Friday 25 November to brief Registrar of Aboriginal Sites, Kathryn Przywolnik, check on the safety of sacred sites in the path of FMG’s massive blasting program, and video record the impact of FMG mining operations on their culture and land. Related:Unlawful FMG heritage dealing massive sites damage at Solomon Project -- Yindjibarndi Aboriginal Corporation website
Mainstream press coverage: Sydney Morning Herald Coverage -- Australian Mining Coverage