Heavy rain and flooding in Fiji tests climate disaster preparedness

Fiji is experiencing heavy rain and major flooding with a 15-day state of emergency being declared in Fiji’s west coast areas. At least 8 people have died in the Fiji January-February 2012 floods with up to 51 reported cases of water-related diseases, thousands in evacuation centres and $30million in damages reported so far.

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Climate change blamed in extreme shift from drought to flood in China

An extreme shift in weather in June across much of southern and eastern China has been put down to the effects of global warming and climate change. Usually light rains start in June in the middle and lower Yangtze valley leading in to the summer monsoonal rains and typhoon season, but this year torrential rains and storms struck on June 3 and have continued unleashing devastating floods, the worst in over 50 years.

Missouri River floods endanger nuclear power plants - time for climate adaption

Large parts of the US midwest are experiencing heavy rainfall and flooding, not unlike what Queenslanders saw in December and January this year when Brisbane was inundated. A major problem with urban infrastructure on flood plains is the risk of innundation during flood events, flood events likely to become more frequent with climate change. In Nebraska two nuclear power Stations are threatened by floodwaters.

Science and a bi-polar climate

By Kristy Henderson: Leading climate scientists declared last Tuesday night that the recent Australian floods are not necessarily attributable to climate change. According to Professor David Karoly, Professor Neville Nicolls, and Dr Karl Braganza from the Bureau of Meteorology, the scientific basis for human induced climate change is overwhelmingly compelling, yet more research will need to be done to quantify its impacts with regard recent extreme weather events.


Green groups criticize federal government for slashing climate programs for disaster reconstruction

Environment, climate change and green groups have criticized the Federal Government for budget cuts to solar development and carbon reduction programs, as part of its reconstruction program for rebuilding Queensland after the devastating floods.

Deferring expenditure in the solar flagship program is of major concern for the development of industry scale solar power stations in Australia, necessary for converting our reliance on carbon intensive coal fired power to renewable technologies. A US study has shown the feasibility of converting global power to 100 per cent carbon emission neutral alternative energy technologies in 20 to 40 years, similar to the Australian study by Beyond Zero Emissions with the Zero Carbon Australia 2020 report, launched in July 2010.


Protesters call for the coal industry to foot the bill for flood clean-up

A group of concerned citizens protested outside the BHP office in Melbourne today, and presented the coal industry with a giant invoice for part of the cost of the unprecedented floods in Victoria and Queensland.

Spokesperson for the group Pablo Brait said, ”we’re presenting this invoice to the entire coal industry on behalf of the Australian taxpayer, charging them for part of the flood clean-up and the increased insurance costs all Australians will have to pay due to the impacts of global warming.”


La Niña brings torrential rain, floods to Philippines killing 42

Torrential Rains and flooding have battered 25 provinces in the Philippines over the last two weeks. Flooding and mudslides have killed 42 people, with 8 injured and 5 people missing. A damage bill to agriculture, housing and infrastructure has been estimated to be 900 million pesos (about US$23million).

Brisbane flood, from an island in suburbia


We are stranded on a suburban island in inner city Brisbane as I write this. At 30m above sea level we should be ok, but the surrounding suburbs of Fairfield, Yeronga, Rocklea and Yeerongpilly are inundated. It is very quiet out, very little traffic. Amazingly beautiful day, blue skies and the rain has finally stopped after months.