Queensland 2013 bigwet floods, tornados and climate change

Ex-tropical cyclone Oswald has left a trail of damage and destruction from it's origins in the Gulf of Carpentaria to crossing Cape York and working it's way down the Queensland Coast. The storms brought destructive winds, tornados, rough seas, storm surge and torrential rain, followed by flooding. Quite a few rain records were broken for 24 and 48 hour periods in Rockhampton, Gladstone and Bundaberg with some rain gauges recording well over one metre of rain in 48 hours. Now flood level records are being broken for many river basins and towns like Bunderberg and Gympie.


Brisbane on flood alert, lasting impact of QLD flood expected for Great Barrier Reef

With two thirds of the state experiencing flooding and the cities of Rockhampton, Bundaberg and Maryborough flooded, today things have worsened in Queensland with flooding in Gympie, Chinchilla, Dalby and other regional towns and the likelihood of a three metre rise in the Brisbane river overnight.