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WGAR News: Australia is committing genocide on a scale unequalled anywhere in the modern world: Michael Anderson, Sovereign Union

Newsletter date: 30 November 2014

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WGAR News - Working Group for Aboriginal Rights (Australia)


* Upcoming Event: STICS: Forum: Can our First Nations Peoples celebrate UN Human Rights Day? 9 December 2014

Open Letter: WGAR advocates long-term funding for Aboriginal community controlled organisations

Dear P.M,

We wish to formally register our opposition to the drastic cuts to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander programs in the 2014 Federal budget.

The Coalition’s Intervention in this country is still traumatising communities. Therefore the budget cuts further compound the oppression and defeat any chance of Self-determination.

If this is the Coalition’s intention we sincerely advise that the Coalition desists and takes a more Humanitarian approach to this country’s First Nations Peoples, consistent with International U.N Human Rights standards.


WGAR News: Charter of the United Nations does not apply to Australia, claims Qld lawyer in Euahlayi 'rates case': SU

Newsletter date: 13 May 2014


* Sovereign Union: Charter of the United Nations does not apply to Australia, claims Qld lawyer in Euahlayi 'rates case'

* Callum Clayton-Dixon, The Stringer: Treaties Are Agreements Between Equals
* Background to Treaties with Aboriginal Sovereign Nations of Australia

* Ray Jackson, Sovereign Union: ANZAC day: Black Diggers buck the given history of "white men's business"
* Annie Hastwell, The Wire: Tasmania's forgotten Black War [Featuring Dr Nicholas Clements]

WGAR News: Gerry Georgatos, WikiLeaks Party WA Senate candidate, speaks out for First Nations Peoples

Newsletter date: 1 September 2013

Editorial Note:

'WGAR News' monitors the media, including alternative media.
'WGAR News' gives priority to grassroots Aboriginal voices and grassroots voices in solidarity with Aboriginal peoples' rights.
'WGAR News' publishes information and opinions from a wide range of sources.
These opinions expressed are not necessarily the opinions of WGAR.
As such, 'WGAR News' does not endorse any particular political party, but simply includes information on political parties for the interest of readers.


Background to constitutional recognition of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander peoples

Last updated: 30 April 2014

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WGAR News: 'concerned Australians': Survey of Aboriginal Adults residing outside the Northern Territory on The Intervention and Stronger Futures Legislation, Constitutional Change and Treaties (30 Apr 14)
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WGAR News: ... (7 Mar 14)
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WGAR News: Tiga Bayles interview with John Pilger: First Nations Peoples and the new Film 'Utopia'

Newsletter date: 5 May 2013


* Let's Talk's Tiga Bayles interviews John Pilger about his life long support for First Nations Peoples and his new Film 'Utopia'
* Respect and Listen: Docos: The Secret Country: A special message from John Pilger
* Respect and Listen: Docos: The Secret Country: Guest Speaker Sue Gillett
* Respect and Listen: Docos: The Secret Country: Some Statistics - Then and Now [from Paddy Gibson]
* Gerry Georgatos, The Stringer: John Pilger on racism in Australia
* Therese Mortensen, Amnesty International Australia: No more secrets

Foundation Meeting of the Sovereign Union - National Unity Government (MR: 25 May 2012)

Last updated: 25 May 2012

Background to the Aboriginal sovereignty movement and the Aboriginal tent embassies
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Sovereign Union: Foundation Meeting of the Sovereign Union - National Unity Government (MR: 25 May 12)

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