Fairfield Bike Shorts: Australian community-made films which get locals thinking about cycling

Fairfield Bike Shorts is an innovative, independent Australian film making project promoting cycling and bicycle infrastructure in the Fairfield City Council area through storytelling and film. The films produced will premiere on Saturday 12 October at the Powerhouse Youth Theatre, Fairfield NSW in a free, family-friendly event. This project is run through the Western Sydney Cycling Network and supported by the Fairfield City Council, the Powerhouse Youth Theatre, and The Spokes People. Fairfield Bike Shorts


Uranium Films Travel From Rio de Janeiro to New Delhi

Art and Awareness – Uranium Film Festival is traveling: After taking place twice in Brazil and last October in Germany, the International Uranium Film Festival is now traveling to India. Documentary film maker from India Shriprakash is organizing the festival in New Delhi, Shillong, Ranchi, Pune, Mumbai, Hydarabad and Chennai.

Uranium Film Festival brings Australian Films to Berlin

The Uranium Film Festival from Rio de Janeiro is traveling now to Berlin - together with several films from Australian filmmakers. Next October (Oct. 4th to 12th) the Festival will screen more than 50 "nuclear" documentaries and movies in the two cinemas Eiszeit and Moviemento in Berlin-Kreuzberg. Most of the films from all continents about nuclear power, uranium mining, atomic bombs, radioactive and nuclear accidents or about depleted uranium weapons will be in English, in German or with German subtitles.

Call for entries - Uranium Film Festival 2011, Rio: Aust films wanted

The URANIUM FILM FESTIVAL wants to inform especially the Brazilian and Latin American societies and stimulate the production of independent documentaries and movies about the whole nuclear fuel cycle, about the dangers of radioactivity and especially about the environmental and health risks of uranium exploration, mining and processing.The URANIUM FILM FESTIVAL will be held from May 21th to 28th 2011 in the city of Rio de Janeiro and from June 2nd to 9th in the city of São Paulo.



By Uli Schmetzer
September 12, 2009

VENICE – The film industry’s foremost social critic, Michael Moore, did not win the Golden Lion at the 66th Venice Film Festival but his documentary ‘Capitalism: A Love Story’ was the torch bearer of a blunt new cinematographic realism exposing our ailing societies, our lopsided economies and the reason for poverty in many parts of the world, including the United States.