(A-Radio) Interview with Radical Theory and Practice about the cooperative and its Emma Goldman project

The Anarchist Radio Berlin made an interview with the Russian-speaking anarchist publishing cooperative Radical Theory and Practice (RTP) about the cooperative, its recent project of translating Emma Goldman's memoires into Russian and a lot more.

You'll find the audio (to listen online or download in different sizes) here: http://aradio.blogsport.de/2015/03/11/a-radio-in-english-rtp-cooperative...

Slutwalk Melbourne 28th May 2011

On May 28th, Melbourne saw its protest as part of the global "slutwalk" movement against the blaming of women for sexual assualts. This is a statement from organisers on what they felt of the day. "It was a magnificent day - more than we could have possibly hoped for. After having only announced the date of SlutWalk Melbourne three weeks prior, the response from the public, the media and importantly, survivors of assault and rape was overwhelming.


Sydney International Women's Day march for equality

I’m still riding a high from the IWD march now more than a week ago in my life. Marching along with a few thousand like minded people and being smiled at by pedestrians brings much joy. From the outset the energy was high, the celebration was just as important as the struggle for what we still confront to achieve Equality and Fairness for Women in this world we live in. I love the diversity of those who come to IWD, I love the different groups of women – our Indigenous sisters, those from other Nations, unionists, Lesbians, community groups, our elders of the feminist movement.


International Women's Day in the Philippines

Today, women in the Philippines and all over the world gather in different places and spaces to show our collective strength and make our collective voice heard as we speak out our sufferings, challenges, triumphs and aspirations.