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Melbourne couple opens fair trade cafe with asylum seeker staff

Melbourne couple opens fair trade cafe with asylum seeker staff

From the Art is chuffed to announce the opening of a social enterprise cafe and retail shop in just a few short months’ time. In the meantime, owners Crystal Fickers and Trishay Trada are running a crowdfunding campaign to fund the start-up.

Located in Ashwood, in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs, From the Art will serve up specialty organic tea and coffee from a sustainable fair trade source. Every cup of coffee will support STREAT, a local organisation working to end youth homelessness.


World Food Day: Global warming too hot for chocolate? Cocoa farming and climate change

Do you fancy a bit of chocolate every now and then? Perhaps a hot cup of drinking chocolate and milk before going to bed? or a few small pieces of a bar of chocolate while watching TV? Maybe a fancy imported Swiss or Belgium chocolate with coffee and liquers at the end of a dinner party? or maybe some cool chocolate icecream on a hot summer's day? This could all become a thing of the past as chocolate becomes an extreme luxury item due to global warming.

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Australian companies “directly helping” dictatorship in Burma – US diplomats

Media Release: Scott Ludlam, Senator for Western Australia. September 6th, 2011

US diplomatic cables released by WikiLeaks support the Australian Greens’ claim that oil and gas companies investing in Burma are “directly helping to strengthen the military hold on power”.

Greens spokesperson on Burma Senator Scott Ludlam said US diplomats had echoed Greens calls for stronger sanctions against the dictatorship.


Global warming a potent brew for coffee and tea drinkers

Okay, climate change is now getting serious with global warming set to impact on the enjoyment of a nice strong cup of Assam tea or a good brew of Columbian coffee. Already the subtle flavors of Assam tea are starting to change. For the tea and coffee connoisseurs in the developed world we might find the price increasing on that skinny latte or cup of tea.

While we might bemoan subtle favor changes or price rises from the comfort of our street cafes and comfortable dwellings, the real hardship will be felt by the thousands of small growers in the developing world. Those who are dependent on tea or coffee as a major cash crop and boost to their local economies face the problems of increasing temperatures and changing rainfall patterns.

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Food matters mp3


Impressions from the local market in the middle of nowhere

Tempeh factory with Josh and Kyla, science, history and health of food teaching with Jeanie, Music and chat with the Barkersvale Brothers.


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Fair Trade Chocolate Campaign Victory

In a major boost to the Fair Trade movement in Australia and for the campaign to wipe out child slavery and other forms of work exploitation in the cocoa industry, Cadbury Australia has announced it will be seeking Fair Trade Certification for its Dairy Milk chocolate bars by 2010. This comes after a global campaign by NGO's such as the Stop the Traffik to pressure the major chocolate manufactures to embrace Fair Trade.