Mauritian Prime Minister Navin Ramgoolam has thrown support behind the upcoming Malagasy elections donating 500,000 dollars

dollars intended for free and fair elections, but censures Malagasy political leaders for being incapable.

According to Prime Minister’s Office officials , PM Ramgoolam wants a solid statement to be made to Madagascar that a concise roadmap to the upcoming Malagasy elections are crucial to ensuring democracy and the reputation of Africa

In a press statement to journalists, Mauritius’s Prime Minister Ramgoolam while addressing the Southern African Development Community summit (SADC) in Lilongwe Malawi made a robust warning directed at Malagasy politicians.

Mexican Democracy is at risk!

International public opinion,
To whom it may concern,

With great concern we feel the need to inform you about the way millions of Mexicans feel regarding the countless irregularities that have occurred during the electoral process in Mexico.

Choices and Options

Few of the people in my country, America, dispute the fact we live in a nation which savors freedoms and liberties. Often taken for granted, we have so many choices. We can converse with who we choose and when. We communicate online with whomever we wish barring few exceptions. We can send mail to almost anyone. We can hear from any and all political parties during presidential elections - that is given they're Democrat or Republican.

Vote for Nuthin mp3


collage of events around a largely meaningless election in Australia

publicly funded media, youtube vintage excerpts

Vote shoe boat people by Chaser, Will Anderson, now show excerpt, Russel Brand, Tony Abbott Perfect by glenop, The Fundamentalist Adventures Of Tony Abbott - A Musical by Toby Thornett, Paul Keating, unknown poetry and jazz

length 28:26 min 128 kbps stereo 26.1 MB

2010 Boomerang Election Watch mp3

featuring: Julia and Tony on Masterchef


David, Heather and Graham - ABC and other mainstream media with inadvertent comedic input - youtube - The Abbott Family spoof ad, a spoof vintage UK Labor Party ad, Waleed Aly with political analysis, Moving Australia forward towards Antarctica by Gabby Millgate, Lying Liars by David Mitchell, music by Barry Jones, Frank Zappa