Concerned about WW3? The time is NOW!

Australia couldn't have chosen a worse time to be president of the UN Security Council in its temporary role there. Its main ally, the USA, is avidly seeking another war, this time with SYRIA. Australia's prime minister until the September election, Kevin Rudd, is brazenly advocating an attack on Syria and last year, the foreign minister, Bob Carr, exhorted the assassination of Syria's president Bashar al-Assad ( ).

Do we need a Middle Eastern study and support group?

With many Middle Eastern countries escalating into social crises, the recent uprisings and the continued conflict spanning throughout the post-World War 2 era; there is much speculation and concern from humanity, regarding the on-going's and history of this region. It may also be the case that the world is approaching a dramatic transition of the international order unprecedented in industrial times.

Egyptian revolution discussed at Socialist Equality Party’s final election meeting in Broadmeadows

Egyptian revolution discussed at Socialist Equality Party’s final election meeting in Broadmeadows

By our correspondent
14 February 2011


Perth celebrates the end of Mubarak

On February 13rh, after 18 days of unrest, local Egyptians from Western Australia joined others worldwide who have long opposed President Hosni Mubarak. There was drumming, dancing, singing and lots of sweet treats. It was a wonderful atmosphere filled with joy and laughter. Game over, Mubarak.

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Sydney celebration of Egyptian revolution

In Sydney on February 12th, what was scheduled to be another rally in support of the Egyptian people's revolution against the hated Mubarak dictatorship turned into a spontaneous celebration after the hated dictator was toppled overnight. As on sign declared: "Congratulations Egypt - never underestimate people Power".
Photos by Peter Boyle on Facebook
Text and photo by Peter Boyle via Facebook


Pamphlet guide to revolution in Egypt: How to protest intelligently

The San Francisco Indymedia site ( has published a translated nine page Guide to intelligent protesting, which was distributed widely on the streets of Egypt. The guide shows how to non-violently defend yourself from riot police. As this Blog article states, we shouldn't just be cheering on the Egyptian revolution but learning from it.

Egyptian VP Suleiman personally tortured Australian citizen

In a story that is yet to be covered by the Australian mainstream press, al Jazeera has published an excerpt from Mamdouh Habib's memoirs which details in horrific details how when Habib had been "rendered" to Egypt for torture, "At one point, his interrogator slapped him so hard that his blindfold was dislodged, revealing the identity of his tormentor: Suleiman.". Habib then went on to describe how "Frustrated that Habib was not providing useful information or confessing to involvement in terrorism, Suleiman ordered a guard to murder a shackled prisoner in front of Habib, which he did with a vicious karate kick.". Mamdoub Habib was in Egupt after being sent to the U.S. through its "extraaordinary rendition" program which involved people being kidnapped and sent to to countries to be tortured for intelligence purposes. What does the Australian government have to say about U.S. attempts to have Suleiman installed as Mubarak's replacement and why is the Australian press virtually silent on this shocking Australian connection? The answers reveal the levels of both U.S. and Australian duplicity, hypocrisy and violence in its relations to the Arab world whilst they dare to talk of democracy and human rights.
Suleiman: The CIA's man in Cairo -- Imperialism and Egypt's democratic transition -- Supporters of freedom, right?


Press statement by youth group in Tahrir Square

This statement was released at a Press Conference in El-Shorook Newspaper Headquarters on the 6th of February in Cairio by a group calling themselves the 'coalition of youths of the wrath revolution:

Fellow great Egyptian citizens ... We are your daughters, your brothers and sisters who are protesting in Tahrir square and other squares of Egypt, promise you not to go back to our homes until the demands of your great revolution are realized.


Unions organising international Day of Action for Democracy in Egypt

The International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC CSI IGB) has passed a statement in support of the pro-democracy protests in Egypt, and called for trade unions around the world to join a Day of Action for Democracy in Egypt on 8 February.