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More than two years have passed since Til Schweiger obtained the closure of Since that time, it’s been more difficult to create an overview – and to definitively give some courage. Indymedia Linksunten is used and considered by many as a platform, but texts published on it soon become archived on back pages. Chronics in ‘underground notebooks’ or listings by topics create an overview from time to time. Much remains unnoticed, especially without a claim of responsibility in it’s stride.

For devil's sake don't mine the Tarkine

Activists from environmental direct action group Groundswell have today taken peaceful action to highlight the detrimental impacts that mining in the Tarkine will have on healthy devil populations living in the region.

At 10am this morning, Groundswell activists deployed a banner reading “FOR
DEVILS SAKE, DON’T MINE THE TARKINE” from the Alexander suspension bridge, in Launceston’s Cataract Gorge. Two climbers suspended themselves alongside the banner.


Melbourne: Churches & Church Vehicles Sprayed, Public Walls Reclaimed

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On Sunday the 31st of September under the cover of darkness we set off with hatred in our hearts & cans of spray-paint in our back-packs.

Once again we found ourselves in the outer northern suburbs of Melbourne – in particular the predominantly low-income neighborhood of Glenroy.

And once more we decided to direct our anger at the church; there always seem to be plenty of churches in the poorer suburbs & Glenroy is no exception.


direct action resources

WHENEVER there is a large or small action planned, people bring there experiences, tactics, etc with them. Here is a list of stuff that could be useful for people doing action for first time or building on there skills and resources.
Below is a compile of resources for direct actions, it covers logistics, skills, decision making models, pepper spray, media etc It could be of use for anyone preparing for direct action.

Spokes councils , affinity groups, diversity of tactics.


Upcoming Melbourne event on the debt crisis in Greece, austerity and social struggle

In the manufactured 'reality' of the mass media the problems of the Greek "debt" crisis are an endless flurry of context-less images; of riots, strikes and unrest embellished with quotes by the talking heads of capital. The IMF and capitalist economists all nod furiously in agreement that “There is No Alternative ™.” The guardians of capital insist that the loans and austerity program imposed on the Greek people by the EU/IMF are necessary to help Greece meet its debt obligations and reform their 'overly generous' pension and welfare system.

Activist brings offshore gas tug to a halt

A local activist has prevented the tug supplying the controversial offshore gas drilling rig from leaving the Port of Newcastle by attaching himself inside the tug.

The Tour Maline, which is berthed at the T1 terminal at Honeysuckle, was preparing itself to send supplies to the Ocean Patriot for exploratory drilling for gas and other minerals 55km off the shore of Newcastle.

Rising Tide spokesperson Phillipa Parsons said that offshore gas and/or oil drilling was too risky and could destroy the marine and coastal environment.


UK activists blockade oil refinery

In an inspiring direct action in the UK, 400 climate activists have blockaded an oil refinery. 12 female protestors chained themselves to parked vans, others mounted tripods and still others linked arms across the refinery entrance. Organised by the group Crude Awakening they were highlighting the connection between dependance on oil and worsening climate change. - A failure in Australia in 2010?

Bill McKibben, founder of called in September for this years global actions on the 10/10/10 to be direct action focused. As far as I am aware the biggest action to occur in Australia on this day was the Hazelwood demo in Victoria. This action attended by 300 people did not contain any direct action component nor did any other actions around Australia on this day.

electionWIRE on YouTube! Young Australian voices on the 2010 election

Vibewire and YouTube team up on electionWIRE to bring fresh video reporting to the Australian federal election

electionWIRE on YouTube is calling citizen reporters to report the election their way.

It’s Election Time! The airwaves are buzzing with politics. Who will win? What do the parties and candidates represent? Who cares?

Today, Vibewire Youth Inc announces the launch of electionWIRE on YouTube, a dedicated channel for young Australians to have their say and to report the news of the Federal election their way.