Ausfailia: Aus-fail-ia ...abstained on UN vote for Palestine

By Douglas Chalmers...

Nothing can excuse Australia, a white supremacist settler society fantasy-land just like the fake state of Israel, which did NOT have the decency to vote FOR the rights of PALESTINIANS, uhh... that is the way of a fading Anglo colony living in the past and hanging onto the USA's coat-tails....

Australia-Japan diplomatic crisis brewing over activists held on board whaling ship

In a press conference Sunday afternoon Federal Attorney General Nicola Roxon said that Government officials are in talks with Japanese authorities over the fate of the 3 Australians now held captive on the Japanese whaling security vessel Shonan Maru No2. She said the Government's primary concern was the safety of the three men.

On Sunday morning Forest Rescue activists boarded the Japanese whaling ship in solidarity with Sea Shepherd.