Historic House at 13 Highview Lane, Neutral Bay, to be demolished in October 2015

In just a few weeks, the early 20th Century Federation bungalow at 13 Highview Lane, Neutral Bay, also known as 1 Premier Street, will be demolished, to be replaced by a five storey hulking cement and aluminium monstrosity, another blight on the landscape of this historic suburb. 

The approval process has taken over a year, no doubt due to strong objections from residents of Neutral Bay, a suburb full of historic houses from the early days of settlement. It is said that the process began ten years ago. 

April 2015 Honduras Coup update

April 2015 Honduras coup update


News of political persecution from April 2015


Stabbed to death – partner of Tolupán community leader who defends territory against mines.


The Necessary Futility of Charity

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Charity work is essential to modern day society, in pretty much every part of the world. Helping people in miserable situations when they are struggling to help themselves is often a life saver, and charitable giving undeniably supports millions of people in the world.