Peace groups attack defence white paper

Peace groups have condemned the Federal Government’s Defence White Paper (DWP), as a continuation of excessive military spending and continuation of outmoded thinking on defence and security.

“Billions will be spent on ships, submarines and planes as the current excessive military budget of over $26 billion a year or $67.5 million per day is increased to two per cent of GDP,” Denis Doherty from the Australian Anti-Bases Coalition said.


Afghanistan: Bring the troops back.

Stop the War Coalition today said the charging of three Australian commandos over last year’s killing of six Afghan civilians, including children, sheds light on the reality of this nine-year war – a war in which no-one knows how many Afghans have been killed.

News that the International Criminal Court was likely to lay war crimes charges if the commandos were not brought to book underscores the seriousness of the charges. Five children and a woman were killed after Australian troops threw a grenade into an Afghan home.


Dirty politics with defence minister

Covert investigations operations into a minister by unknown intelligence forces, accusations of allegiances to a foreign communist power. All of this brings back shades of how the defence/intelligence establishment help bring down Whitlam mininsters 30 years ago. What's behind the latest intrusion into our democracy by shadowy intelligence forces?