debt finance

Italian version of "Austerity results from privatization" [ audio ]

How Governments fail their people and choose an ideologically based "way out" displaying incompetence and incomprehension of their own finance system. People have to pay the price. An Italian translation from a previous English original publication KR # 313

Read by Simonetta, translation by Claudia Cantori, original English script by Graham Ferguson

10:26 min 128 kbps stereo 9.7 MB

Cost Benefit Analysis [ audio ]

More paradoxes of debt finance governing our culture

Talk by performance poet Len Martin - script by Graham Ferguson from his series on debt finance.

Credits: Copenhagen Consensus Center, Bjorn Lomborg, The Australian

18:05 min 128 kbps stereo 16.6 MB

Inequality [ audio ]

A Talk on financial inequality, how it occurs, and how it relates to everyday realities in societies of rich and poor nations.

Script produced by Graham, performed by Tanya and Martin

media clips, "Inequality Rap", "We are the 99 percent"

17:41 min 64 kbps 8.1 MB


Finance ? It's insanity! mp3

Absurdities of the Global Finance System and 'Wakkanomics'

Uneconomic Growth Herman Daly [ Right Livelyhood Awards 1996 ], Jamie Dimon was dead wrong, Steve Keen Economic Progress one Funeral at a Time,, The
Bailout Rap Update, Interview Paul Moore Killing the Messenger, ThreeLittlePigs
Guardian, INET Financial Instabilty Mini Documentary, 'Ben Bernanke Please Send Me


Money Woes Today And Yesterday mp3

Collage about the finance woes of today and yesterday with:

Margrit Kennedy, media samples, "Global Economist" by Clarke and Dawe, Now Show excerpts, Clone Wars excerpts, "Occupy Main St. spoof, "Shall I stay, shall I go" by Mitch Benn, Herman Cain's benign nine, nine plan, Silvio Gesell and the Woergl Experiment 1932, German money 900 AD, Nazi money, occupy movement hope

My Money - Occupy This ! mp3

Refresher course on banks, debt finance and change

Anonymous Message to Zeitgeist and Venus Project Followers, various excerpts of Public Credit - A Solution by Richard C. Cook, Euro Demise by Clarke Dawe

music: Herd, Atmos, True Vibenation

33:40 min 128 kbps stereo 31 MB


Public vs. private banks mp3

Samples of Ellen Brown from GR TV.CA talking about publicly owned Banks as a remedy for ailing economies. Interview by James Corbett

music by Fine Line Sub Prime Decline The Richter Scales, American Economy Rap, excerpt of Another Day Another Dollar by Wayne Stewart, excerpt of 2009 Economic Crisis The Inflation Nation Theme Song, Keith Jarrett

Economic reality check mp3

Myth-busting "Teabeggars, Bankbashers, Goldpriests, Isolationist Americans, Eurobeggars", and general bollocks about our economy - in collage and conversation.

featuring: media samples, Graham and sounds

music: 'We're all in this together' by Mitch Benn

29:00 min 128 kbps stereo 26.6 MB