Dave Sweeney

WGAR News: Fight for land rights and justice for Aboriginal people: The Socialist Alliance

Newsletter date: 26 January 2014


* The Petition Site: Halt Rocla Sand Mine's Proposed Destruction of Aboriginal Women's Fertility Site & Cultural History
* Marc Tong, SBS Living Black Radio: Secrets of the Dendroglyph
* Tracker: Protesters fight Maules Creek mine
* NIRS: 'Marginalised and disrespected': Gomeroi slam Whitehaven Coal

* Prof Jon Altman, Tracker: Evidently: Scullion peddles pipe dream reforms [Land tenure reforms in the Northern Territory]
* The Socialist Alliance: Fight for land rights and justice for Aboriginal people

WGAR News: Date set for court fight over Muckaty nuclear waste dump: ABC News

Newsletter date: 11 September 2013


* ABC News: Date set for court fight over Muckaty nuclear waste dump
* Tennant & District Times: Muckaty trial date set
* Lawyers Weekly: QC to fight nuclear dump plan
* Oliver Milman, The Guardian: Northern Territory nuclear waste dump 'contravenes UN declaration'
* Greens Senator Scott Ludlam: Greens condemn plan to turn Australia into the world’s nuclear waste dump
* Antinuclear: Dump under the pump: Pressure grows against Muckaty radioactive waste plan
* Dave Sweeney, New Matilda: Nuclear Waste Lasts Longer Than Politicians

WGAR News: Federal minister visits Muckaty Station: CAAMA interviews Penny Phillips & Lauren Mellor

Newsletter date: 5 August 2013


* CAAMA Radio interviews Penny Phillips and Lauren Mellor: Federal minister visits Muckaty Station
* Tennant & District Times: Federal Minister visits Muckaty
* Caddie Brain, ABC Rural: Federal Minister visits Muckaty Station
* Tracker: Abandon nuke dump proposal, NT elders urge
* 3CR interview with Dianne Stokes, Lizzie O'Shea and Nat Wasley: Same dump, different Minister. Keeping Muckaty nuclear free
* Dave Sweeney, The Guardian: Plan to use Aboriginal land as a nuclear waste dump is flawed and misguided

WGAR News: Walkatjurra Walkabout: 3CR: Featuring Scott Ludlam, Kado Muir, Mia Pepper & Dave Sweeney

Newsletter date: 12 July 2013


* Community Radio 3CR: Walkatjurra Walkabout. A new mine, an old fight. [Featuring Greens Senator Scott Ludlam, Kado Muir, Mia Pepper and Dave Sweeney]
* Background to the Walkatjurra Walkabout: Stepping out against uranium mining

* David T. Rowlands, Green Left: Australian atomic massacre still ignored
* Background to Justice for Aboriginal victims of Maralinga nuclear tests

* Brian Johnstone, Tracker: How Land Rights were won… and almost lost

* Tracker: Native title tax bill passes Senate
* Background to Mabo and Native Title