Curtin Detention Centre

Freedom: A cry for help from Hazara asylum seekers in Curtin Detention Centre

The following message was received by Indymedia from within Curtin Detention Centre with a request that it posted on the site. Please circulate this cry for help and solidarity amongst your networks. It is known to all and history has also proven that Hazaras have always and systemically been target of national, religious and ethnic oppression and cruelty and yet thousands of people including women and children have lost their life and thousands of families have lost their guardian and thousands of children are now orphan, who do not just have access to education but also experiencing a horrible and miserable life.


The Human Rights Alliance calls for a UN Special Rapporteur to enter the Curtin Detention Centre

The Human Rights Alliance
Curtin Detention Centre - UN Special Rapporteur must be called in. Independent observers must enter Curtin. The protests have ceased due to promises made by DIAC to the Asylum Seekers. The media must be allowed into Curtin Detention Centre.

Converge 2011 Day 3: Protestors return to unlawful Curtin Detention Centre - DIAC and SERCO disgrace themselves

The Department of Immigration and Citizenship has continued its criminality in its unlawful establishment under the instruction of the Australian government of Mandatory Detention Centres, such as the unlawful establishment that is the Curtin Detention Centre.

Hunger strikers, sit ins, petitions by brutalised souls cannot inspire the Government, DIAC and Serco to allow their visitors to meet them. The culture of secrecy and silence is unbelievable. The layers of racism in Australia continue unabated.

16 human rights activists arrested outside Curtin IDC

RRAN Press Release 24.4.2011 16 Refugee Rights Action Network protesters were arrested today. Six of the group were issued with move on notices - none were charged. All of the protesters have now moved on and will be spending the night in Derby before heading back to Perth. The Refugee Rights Action Network were protesting in solidarity with those inside who had requested on Thursday, via a 700 signatory letter, that a delegation from RRAN be allowed to enter the Curtin IDC in order to observe conditions inside the centre.
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Lies preventing visits at Curtin Detention Centre as hunger strike begins by 300 detainees: Refugees being driven to suicide and mental illness

By Gerry Georgatos

(I have not had the chance to proof this article, it has been written on a laptop powered by a generator with a limited power supply, from nearby the Curtin Detention Centre as we are in grip of divisiveness between peoples.... please read and circulate widely. Please.)


Detention becomes a death sentence, anger grows at Curtin

Refugee Action Coalition Media Release March 29, 2011 Refugee supporters are appalled at the news that mandatory detention has taken another asylum seeker’s life, this time in the remote Curtin detention centre. The 20 year-old Afghan asylum seeker, Mohammad, committed suicide late yesterday (Monday) afternoon. He was found hanging in his room by others who returned to the accommodation block and found his room locked.


R.I.S.E. media release on Curtin hunger strike

Over 1100 people are currently in Curtin detention centre in the middle of the desert in Western Australia where most of them have been transferred from Christmas Island detention centre after last year’s freeze on the processing of visas for Afghan detainees. This transfer was done against the recommendations of many human rights and refugee rights advocates. Professor Sev Ozdowski, of the Human Rights and Equal Opportunities Commission was reported to have said last year that Curtin was the most wretched of all the detention centres he had investigated.


Message from hunger strikers in Curtin Detention Centre

Thursday, 20 January 2011, 3:11 pm Press Release: Project SafeCom
"The continuous spin lines trotted out by the Department of Immigration to media representatives about the Curtin Detention Centre hunger strike, claiming that between 20 and 30 people are participating in the strike, amount to craven lies and callous misrepresentations, and they are eroding the Department's own ethical slogan that "people are our business" to the core," WA Human Rights group Project SafeCom said this morning.