Australian Labor Party government commits a crime against society

Labours – people's party or criminals? Open letter

Crime against society


Adelaide 31/5/11




Is it possible to represent and fulfil everybody's wish and desire?

Don't labours claim that they represent all of us? Don't labours take all of our money in taxes and other charges? Don't labour make rules affecting all of us?

What are the duties and responsibilities of the labour rulers?

Rann cements lawlessness in Australia - on example of dog mismanagement

When a decent man take the problems of government this is often an automatic justification that it is only an overlook. I thought so, but there is plenty of evidence that government acts in most cases against truth, against justice, against common sense and against best public interest.

The website below opens a possibility to access a number of related pages. Please examine and reexamine, discuss and then act. Someone have said: the government is only as bad as we let one be.