Fines for 73 climate change activists protesting proposed power station

The Muswellbrook Local Court today was crammed with activists. In the largest single court appearance for an Australian climate protest 73 people faced trespass charges for a mass civil disobedience protest on December 5, 2010. They were each fined $250 by the court.


Activists prepare for Geelong court over blocking secret military base

Nine activists will face Geelong Magistrates Court tomorrow (Monday 29 Nov) on charges of obstructing a road and hindering police.

On the 16th of June the nine activists were arrested while blockading the road to Swan Island military base, a military installation heavily involved in supporting the war in Afghanistan.


Crown Solicitor defends Carenne staff charged with whistleblower offence

Charges against three senior Carenne Special School staff were mentioned before the local court in Bathurst on Monday 10 May. Lee Churches, Neil Moon and Terry Neal are facing charges of taking detrimental action against a whistleblower.

For a international environmental criminal court

By Uli Schmetzer

VENICE, October 4, 2009 – Inside the Doge’s Palace in a city that is in the frontline of global warming a group of crime busters, lawyers and experts tried to kick-start this weekend the idea of an International Environmental Criminal Court that would bring to justice those culprits deliberately polluting our planet.