August 2015 Honduras Coup Update

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August 2015 Honduras Coup Update

Cases of persecution in August 2015

Attacks against the fire torch movement; one youth killed, protests violently repressed, and a doctor and politician receives death threat for supporting the marches.

Honduras Coup, 6 years on, June 2015

June 2015 Honduras coup update – 6 years on

Cases of political persecution in June 2015

University workers unionist disappeared (Donatilo) and killed (Héctor), by what appears to be plotted by UNAH authorities – which not only show no compassion but proceed to sue anyone who accuses them.

May 2015 Honduras Coup Update

May 2015 Honduras Coup update:

Massive month with the uncovering of the plundering of over US$330 million from the Social Security Department IHSS re-channelled towards funding National Party election campaigns of 2013, many accounts of assassination, attempts, threats, contempt for all life, criminalising struggle and of the speaking about of those with power committing abuses

Koala scam still not reported in mainstream media

Sam the scam, Sam the koala is an impostor!

Media release – 13 February 2010

Sam the scam: Sam the Koala is an impostor!

On 12 February a paper was published that for the first time revealed that the stuffed “Sam the Koala” sitting in the National Museum of Victoria is an impostor or fake.

Yes, the original water-drinking Koala is a different animal!

That was a male Koala, later renamed “Bob”, who had been captive as far back as 2006!


NSW Department of Community Services Bowral regional manager corrupt Leonie Martin


With regards to my complaint about the 26 corrupt DoCS workers in the one NSW office, you replied asking me to send the woman who sold her house to prove in court the children were wrongly taken, with the DoCS office destroying evidence, making false statements, providing a false psychiatrist report etc.


The challenges of exposing corruption

The question of how to expose corruption or abuse of office within a government has never been a trivial one to answer. This is particularly the case when the tentacles of the government in question extend so deeply into that nation’s media.

The Expendable Project was created to address this with respect to Australia, and to disclose appalling misconduct in the case of Schapelle Corby, a now mentally ill woman enduring her eighth year of twenty in an Indonesian prison, for a crime she patently did not commit.


Australian Labor Party government commits a crime against society

Labours – people's party or criminals? Open letter

Crime against society


Adelaide 31/5/11




Is it possible to represent and fulfil everybody's wish and desire?

Don't labours claim that they represent all of us? Don't labours take all of our money in taxes and other charges? Don't labour make rules affecting all of us?

What are the duties and responsibilities of the labour rulers?



With the State election under way, I have decided to include information to help voters decide which party candidate they will give their vote.

As the polls show labor will not be returned to power, it stands to reason the opposition will, but are they more worthy to vote for, or not.

In March 1993, when the Office of the Ombudsman sent me copies of reports, statements, records of interview and all other related documents including a copy of the Police final investigation report.


PHILIPPINES: Marcos' legacy cannot be rehabilitated

Akbayan Youth on the 25th Anniversary of EDSA and the Marcos burial issue

The corpse of Ferdinand Marcos remains preserved in a mausoleum. It is a spectral remnant of a past that refuses to let go: a time when Marcos fashioned himself to be a leader who used “utopian causes” to centralize power and justify his authoritarianism.