PHILIPPINES: Marcos' legacy cannot be rehabilitated

Akbayan Youth on the 25th Anniversary of EDSA and the Marcos burial issue

The corpse of Ferdinand Marcos remains preserved in a mausoleum. It is a spectral remnant of a past that refuses to let go: a time when Marcos fashioned himself to be a leader who used “utopian causes” to centralize power and justify his authoritarianism.

Exclusive: Massive corruption causes DoCS NSW holocaust of families


"Angels for the Forgotten"
Melina is a DoCS NSW victim of corruption and devotes her life to Child Protection Reform.


Is the Qld government corrupt?

Is the Qld Government Corrupt ? in my opinion the corruption starts at the bottom of the ladder and goes all the way to the top, but if you want to find out for yourself then click on this link: with actual Government Documents,and then you can make your own opinion about Queensland Corruption ?


Rosemary Milkins former senior executive at HealthQuest, notorious N.S.W. government medical office, appointed Deputy Commissioner of N.S.W. Fire Brigades

The N.S.W. government has yet again shown its willingness to place Labor stalwarts in positions of power at times when government organizations have been accused of corrupt and unethical behaviour.

Rosemary Milkins was formerly on the board of HealthQuest, the corrupt and now extinct N.S.W. Government Medical office. There are many articles on the internet detailing the atrocities committed by HealthQuest, which was used to silence public service dissent in N.S.W. for years, modelling its use of psychiatry on Soviet methods. Some documents can be viewed at


A Current Affair Investigates Australian National Car Parks, 13th January 2010

Jumping the moderation queue for fans of Australian National Car Parks. On 13th January 2010 A Current Affair will air an investigation of ANCP practices and there will be legal practitioners advising you whether you have to pay the 'liquidated damages' they are demanding ($66, $88, $163) and what to do about their evil letters entitled NOTICE OF INTENTION TO SUE.

Spread the word if you've been affected. There is a Facebook group helping with information and advice called The People vs Australian National Car Parks.

Here is the link so you can watch the programme if you missed it:

Financial Literacy Lessons mp3

Pretext of Money with David Icke, Monetary system explained with excerpts of I.O.U.S.A. and Zeitgeist Addendum, Money as Debt II, Hynkel speech [ Charlie Chaplin ] excerpt, Krishna Murti, South Park, media samples - sounds by George Duke, The Bakery, Supahemp, others

money as debt II -

Zeitgeist Addendum

Bernard Lietaer

length: 54:25 min 128 kbps stereo 50 MB

Australia Day honours for the dishonourable: the Public Service Medal

While many recipients of Australia Day Awards are good citizens and deserving, others are not.

It is scandalous that public officials are nominated for the Public Service Award each year and the process is shrouded in secrecy. Neither the nominators nor the nominees are made public before January 26th, so the general public have no opportunity to lodge objections or allegations of corrupt conduct of these senior public servants.

Street lamps and energy mismanagement

Australia teach the world how to manage energy

One of the most lit area in Adelaide Metro is University of Adelaide. One must be bright, 24/7. This place of enlightened people cannot see the lamps around university complex, they cannot understand when one reports to them. This is going on for years. Picasa Web Albums - Street lamps - Street lamps