Protest Songwriter Luke Vassella [ audio ]

Interview with Luke Vassella who participated during the protests against un-conventional gas fracking in Bentley, Northern NSW Australia

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How much profit is too much?

The four major banks have refused to follow the lead of the Reserve bank and reduce their interest rates charged on borrowings.

Last financial year these four banks amassed a whopping 24 billion dollars in super profits. They are four of the most profitable banks int her world, protected by the government from failure. Their largesse is a crime.


Oily Affairs mp3

Oil, Environment, War, Madness, Humor

mainstream media clips and youtube [keywords]: "corporate oil ads", "oil spill", "vintage oil ads", "oil spill parody - spoof - song" --- AC DC sample of "I cover you in oil" --- Sade's sample "Smooth Operator" --- Buttress O Kneel samples "Spoils of War"

Exposing Koch Industries' web of climate denial

A new Greenpeace report uncovers the multimillion dollar funding and intense lobbying against climate science and climate action by Koch Industries, that eclipses the traditional funding for climate deniers from ExxonMobil and other fossil fuel companies.

Greenpeace Reports: Koch Industries: secretly funding the climate denial machine | Dealing in Doubt: A Brief History of Attacks on Climate Science, Climate Scientists and the IPCC