Three species of snake exterminated from New Guinea!

In a period when scientists are discovering new species in New Guinea at a staggering rate, it has come as a shock this week to see that two “species” of large python from New Guinea have been completely exterminated.

The blame for the wipe-out is accepted by just one man. His name is Raymond Hoser.

Known generally as “Australia’s Snakeman”, Hoser noted that he didn’t actually kill any snakes to wipe out the species, nor did he destroy any habitat.

Forest Rescue heighten protest actions to save forests - however many arrests

Gerry Georgatos
Forest Rescue Australia (FRA) has heightened its protest actions halting Warrup logging on an almost daily basis - however at the price of arrests. A Forest Products Commission (FPC) spokeswoman confirmed that protestors had entered work areas on three separate days in the last ten days and on two occasions had locked themselves on to two logging machines while work continued in other parts of the operation.

On Monday 19, FRA protestors entered the Warrup logging area and one protestor managed to lock himself on to a logging machine for 15 hours.


'Keep the Kimberley' - rally at State Library, Melbourne, 14 August 2011

Organisers estimated up to a thousand people answered the call for Melbourne solidarity with the campaign to stop industrialisation of the still-pristine Kimberley - many of them wearing red 'to represent the Pindan (red dirt) of the region's remarkable terrain, the blood of this country'.

The callout was posted to this site:

Help stop the Gas Plant at Walmadan (James Price Point) and protect the Kimberley!


Saving Warrup Forest

The Western Australian Forest Alliance will work with Bridgetown-Greenbushes Friends of the Forest to oppose prospective logging of Warrup forest, which is located in the Shire of Bridgetown-Greenbushes, in the south west of Western Australia. On Sunday morning, July 10, WAFA, hosted by the BGFF, invited me to a fact finding mission in the Warrup.

Alpine grazing action alert - Friends of the Earth

Cattle were removed from the Alpine National Park in 2005 by the government of Steve Bracks. This was an important step forward for good land management in our state. Since then, some of the long term damage caused by decades of grazing have started to heal. However, the Victorian Coalition announced in the build up to the November election that it would return cattle grazing to Victoria's alpine national parks as a tool to reduce fire risk.

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New study estimates economic value of wetlands conservation

What value our wetlands? How do you value a wetlands environment? How do you value the indirect ecosystem and biodiversity benefits of having healthy wetland environments? An economic study of the Hattah wetlands within the Hattah-Kulkyne National Park in northern Victoria attempts to answer these questions putting a direct economic value of $14.5 million dollars per year for maintaining the Hattah Lakes in a healthy state with adequate water levels.

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Traditional owners, conservationists protest far south coast logging

On Wednesday, April 14, more than 100 local people, led by three Aboriginal Traditional Owners, held a peaceful demonstration in the contested logging area of Mumbulla mountain on the far south coast of New South Wales. Mumbulla Mountain is sacred to the Yuin people and stronghold of the last koalas in the region between Bermagui and Bega. Logging of Mumbulla Forest koala habitat near Bega started on 29th March 2010. The traditional owners present said "We, the traditional owners of Mumbulla Mountain, are distressed that woodchip logging is taking place on part of our sacred land. The land should be handed over to us to care for it, our sacred sites and the animals that live here. We need to preserve it for our culture and our future generations."

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