compulsory land acquisition

WGAR News: Oxfam report mocks Native Title: Gerry Georgatos, The Stringer

Newsletter date: 29 May 2013


* Gerry Georgatos, The Stringer: Oxfam report mocks Native Title
* Oxfam Australia: Mining
* Oxfam Australia and CAER: The right to decide: company commitments and community consent
* SBS Radionews: Mining benefits 'not getting to Indigenous people'
* 3CR Community Radio: Earth Matters [Refusal to honour native title & Indigenous land use agreements]
* Background to Mabo and Native Title

* SBS Radionews: Indigenous focus on land and sea management

* ABC: Waste dump opponents 'not going to back down'

WGAR News: SBS Living Black's Marc Tong interviews Goolarabooloo Elder Phillip Roe

Newsletter date: 22 April 2013


* SBS Living Black: "Just One More Step" - James Price Point
* SMH: James Price gas plan fight not over: Milne
* Kristina Chew, Care2 Causes: Success! Humpback Whale Nursery and the Kimberley Saved!

* NIRS: Compulsory acquisition to go ahead at James Price Point
* ABC Indigenous: James Price Point compulsory land acquisition continues

* ABC: Browse decision shelves Broome airport expansion
* The West: Broome airport first casualty of Browse
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