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Consumer loses private parking fine case

On April 23, 2015, London’s Court of Appeal handed down a judgement of the Beavis v Parking Eye case. This case concerned parking charges that can legally be issued by private parking companies in the United Kingdom (England and Wales). As the private parking scene in the UK bears many similarities to the private parking industry in Australia, the decision could have an indirect impact on court decisions made in Australia. The case concerned a retail supermarket car park that had two hours of free parking.


“For Sale” sign on car attracts parking fine

Queensland woman Marie Bennett has been fined by local council for putting a “for sale” sign on her vehicle.  It is something she had seen on countless other cars and had thought it was quite legal.  However, little did Ms Bennett know that there was a local law forbidding the sale of vehicles on “local government controlled areas and roads”.  The amount of the fine was $220.

War on drugs breaches separation of powers

If you are on the jury in a drug trial, and if you are told that the defendant must prove that he/she knew nothing about the drugs, it is your civic duty to put the onus of proof back where it belongs (on the prosecution), raise it to the proper standard (beyond reasonable doubt), and reach a verdict accordingly.


Rally against racist police brutality and harassment in Parramatta in defence of the Hickey family


Well done to all those who participated in or helped build today's successful rally in Parramatta Mall in defence of the persecuted Aboriginal Hickey family in Riverstone and against racist and anti-working class police violence more generally.

Tomorrow the five adult family/friends will face court for the resumption of their trial on the trumped up charges. We will again be rallying - this time outside Parramatta the court from 9am.


Rally and March for Equal Marriage Rights - Melbourne, 13 August 2011

Drag queens provided a colourful finale to a rally that really shouldn’t have been necessary, a point made by more than one speaker – seven years since the re-writing on the Marriage Act to exclude same-sex couples, and seven years of rallying and campaigning for equality is seven years too long.


Equal Love 'Wedding Rehearsal' in Bourke Street Mall - Melbourne, 10 August 2011

Leading up to the rally planned for Saturday 13 August marking the 7th anniversary of the re-writing of the Marriage Act to exclude same-sex couples, Equal Love held a mid-week 'Wedding Rehearsal' in the Bourke Street Mall today, Wednesday.


U.S.A. state sponsored terror (rock music video) released

Anti USA Police State rock music video released by American rocker who has been targeted with a decade of government oppression. Scott X and the Constitution Commandos take on corrupt and criminal acts of the government with their 5th video release from their new album: "Fighting the U.S. Police State With Music".

Wikileaks, West Papua and commemorating the 1854 Eureka rebellion at Ballarat

The persecution of Julian Assange and wikileaks for publishing diplomatic cables, and information on the Afghanistan and Iraq wars is just the latest in government suppression of freedom of speech and human rights and liberties, which past generations have fought for including the men and women of the Eureka rebellion in Ballarat in 1854. I have just returned from Ballarat where I was part of the commemoration of the Eureka Rebellion in 1854 - the 156th anniversary. The struggle for democratic rights and liberties and against corrupt government continues in 2010.

Peaceful civil resistance in Stuttgart, violent police action...

Andreas Weiland


The Merkel administration has reached agreement among cabinet members that a new act will be submitted to parliament. It increases penalities for passive resistance to up to three years in prison while threatening throwers of bottles and stones with up to five years in jail.