Nauru Govt Shuts Down Facebook


The government of NAURU is a disgrace. They have now shut down Facebook!

Opposition parties claim the government of Baron Waqa has ordered the local Internet provider to block access to social media sites.

MP Matthew Batsiu says the move is blatant censorship designed to limit criticism of the government.

Refugee activists have also hit out at the decision saying refugees often use Facebook to contact friends, family and journalists.

This article from Radio Australia features an interview with Batsiu:


Melbourne City Council harassing peaceful political activity on city streets

Media Release 2 June 2013: The Wednesday Action Group was formed in 1999 to raise important social and political issues on the streets of Melbourne's CBD. Every Wednesday, over the last 14 years, we have legally assembled on the footpath collecting signatures on petitions that we have presented to the House of Representatives and the Senate in the Federal Parliament and the Legislative Assembly and Legislative Council in the Victorian Parliament.


Socialist Alliance national convenor dodges issues on 'porn'

The exchange (reproduced below) of Facebook correspondence over the past week or so between myself and the Australian Socialist Alliance co-convenor Peter Boyle, on the subject of Alliance policy relating to erotica and pornography, arose from a question about Alliance policy on this issue that I put to Boyle during the discussion following his presentation of the new draft Socialist Alliance programme: 'Towards a Socialist Australia', at an Alliance/Resistance-sponsored, one-day, socialist educational conference held at the Activist Centre in East Perth a couple of weekends ago.


Creative censorship by Australian government funded media: The Conversation

I decided to put these incidents on public record for the benefit of the Australian society and to uphold the original purpose of the tax payer funded Internet media – The CONVERSATION.

The CONVERSATION is funded by the Australian government for the following purposes:

Who We Are: “We aim to be a site you can trust.”

Climate denial investigation - while scientists muzzled

http://bit.ly/Ad7hzA Dr. John Mashey investigates right-wing billionaires & corporations who pay alleged "charities", bloggers, & old weathermen to deny climate science. Some of that propaganda money went to New Zealand and Australia. Then Canadian journalist Margaret Munro on government muzzling scientists, plus update by UCS Francesca Grifo on science freedom in U.S.
CD Quality of this Radio Ecoshock report (56 MB) here:

Is The Punch being unduly censored?

I recently documented on The Punch how my son Jordan, a victim of severe school bullying and education discrimination has become a victim of escalating human rights abuses including police brutality, false arrest, false imprisonment and wrongful prosecution. After my blog comments were published online they received over a dozen replies. However, sometime between 5 and 6 pm on 13/12/11, all my published comments and the responses to them were removed from The Punch website due to censorship.


Egyptian government pulls the plug on internet access in response to protests

At 12.30am Egyptian time on January 28, the plug was pulled in Egypt on all internet traffic for all major internet providers. Egypt is almost entirely offline. The move was made to stop people organising protests through social media sites like twitter and Facebook. See Live updates below...

Guardian Live updates for Jan 28 protests | Live video from Cairo via satellite Al Jazeera | Event: Melbourne rally Sun Jan 30

Melbourne Wikileaks protesters march on British consulate

A warm early summer day in Melbourne, with crowds of Christmas shoppers strolling the streets and city workers heading home on a Tuesday evening. Into this mix a gathering slowly grows on the lawn of the State Library. A gathering for free speech, to defend Julian Assange and the Wikileaks website.

Photos | Youtube Video | More photos | WikiLeaks protesters march in Sydney despite police intimidation | Antony Loewenstein Blog from Sydney: Defending Wikileaks faces Oprah-obsessed police force | London IMC: Assange out on bail, Anonymous out in support | Ireland IMC: Photos from Australia House protest London