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Crown Solicitor defends Carenne staff charged with whistleblower offence

Charges against three senior Carenne Special School staff were mentioned before the local court in Bathurst on Monday 10 May. Lee Churches, Neil Moon and Terry Neal are facing charges of taking detrimental action against a whistleblower.

Three senior Carenne Special School staff charged and mentioned in court

On Monday 19 April 2010, three senior staff of Carenne Special School - Neil Moon (Principal), Lee Churches (Assistant Principal) and Terry Neal (Assistant Principal) had criminal charges mentioned before the Bathurst Local Court. A Carenne Gate reporter was on hand as the matter was mentioned.


How the NSW DET ridicules and persecutes whistleblowers

A document leaked by Carenne Public School staff member 'hatho' demonstrates how the Department of Education and Training treats whistleblowers. In the email, school principal Lynette Duncan claims that whistleblower Brian Carter was watching the school. Grant Hatch of the DET media unit replied "... whistle in mouth?" demonstrating the complete and utter contempt staff of the DET have for whistleblowers.

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Gerard Martin claims people who don't live in his electorate have no right commenting

As part of the public inquiry being carried out into Carenne Special School on Sydney Indymedia, I contacted Gerard Martin, member for Bathurst about serious issues at the school. I asked him whether or not he still believed the organisation at the centre of the Carenne Gate affair still delivered best value for dollar following the release of documents on Sydney Indymedia clearly showing they had defrauded the NSW government.

Mr Martin's reply was: