(A-Radio) Interview: Capitalism and the changes in the UK legal aid system

As Anarchist Radio Berlin we talked with an UK-based prisoner support activist about capitalism and recent changes in judicial law. This concerns especially legal aids and the introduction of so-called "court costs", showing clearly an ever more class-based judicial system.

Apple: In the factory of good and evil conditions.

What would happen if I refused to buy an Apple phone because I opposed the conditions of workers in China? Nothing would happen. What would happen if the Australian government refused to allow the sale of Apple products in Australia? There would be something big happening then of course. It could do more to end poverty than just about anything else.

'Give Peace A Chance' [ audio ]

Why our debt finance system needs war profits for the economy to survive - perpetual war caused by the financial debt system

Script from personal researched material by Graham Ferguson, presented by performance poet Len Martin, samples from Give Peace A Chance - Jon Lennon and Yoko Ono Band, Imagine this by Waxaudio, samples from Gil Scott Heron's poem The Military and the Monetary

26:00 min 128 kbps stereo 24 MB

God Of Profit and "Free" Market [ audio ]

The Hidden Global Religion

Financial Commentary and Poem

some explicit language in the poem "Freedom"

Credits: "What Manna of God - the God of profit", spoken by performance poet Len
Martin, script by Graham Ferguson, and "Freedom" written and performed by Len

10:30 min 64kbps 4.8 MB

Inequality [ audio ]

A Talk on financial inequality, how it occurs, and how it relates to everyday realities in societies of rich and poor nations.

Script produced by Graham, performed by Tanya and Martin

media clips, "Inequality Rap", "We are the 99 percent"

17:41 min 64 kbps 8.1 MB


Melbourne Forum talks Health versus Capitalism

Last night, Melbourne's Plan B collective hosted a panel discussion and forum at the Victorian Trades Hall on the topic of “Health vs. Capitalism”. The panel's four speakers were selected to present a range of academic, professional and activist views on the intersection and impact of capitalism upon modern healthcare and global well-being.