Canberra Anzac Eve Peace Vigil

WGAR News: 'Gallipoli, Inc' helps the denial of genocide: David T. Rowlands, Green Left

Newsletter date: 25 April 2013


* David T. Rowlands, Green Left: 'Gallipoli, Inc' helps the denial of genocide
* Dean Ashenden, Canberra Times: Best we forget?
* Gerry Georgatos, The Stringer: The Killing Times
* Noah Riseman, WA Today: Our black history: lest we forget Aboriginal veterans
* Keeli Cambourne, Illawarra Mercury: Aboriginal Diggers 'couldn't even get a beer in a pub'
* The Stringer: Roger Cook gets it right, Governor wrong
* Richard Fotheringham, Australian: Inside the killing fields of Queensland
* NIRS: Australians urged to remember Indigenous diggers