(A-Radio) Eastern Europe 1: Struggles in Poland and the Rozbrat squat in Poznan

As part of a journey through Eastern Europe a member of the Anarchist Radio Berlin had the opportunity of talking to a comrade of the Anarchist Federation in Poznan in Poland in the Rozbrat squat. In the following interview we talk about the historical development of the squat, that celebrated its 21st anniversary on the weekend of September 18 and 19, and also about current struggles of FA Poznan, especially the workers' struggle of the Amazon workers in Germany and Poland.

(A-Radio) Interview: Week of solidarity with anarchist prisoners August 2015

As Anarchist Radio Berlin we talked with a prisoner support activist about the upcoming Week of solidarity with anarchist prisoners, who is promoting it and what it is about. For security reasons, this interview has been re-recorded using our own voices.

(A-Radio) Interview: Capitalism and the changes in the UK legal aid system

As Anarchist Radio Berlin we talked with an UK-based prisoner support activist about capitalism and recent changes in judicial law. This concerns especially legal aids and the introduction of so-called "court costs", showing clearly an ever more class-based judicial system.

WGAR News: Australia's NT Intervention introduced measures that are overtly discriminatory against Aboriginal people: Paddy Gibson of Jumbunna

Newsletter date: 25 June 2015


* Audio Interview: CAAMA: Australia's second class citizens legislation written in stone...

[Featuring Paddy Gibson, Jumbunna Indigenous House of Learning, UTS]

* About CAAMA: Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association:
* Overview: UTS Jumbunna - Research Strength

WGAR News: Sydney protests 8th year of NT Intervention: STICS - Stop the Intervention Collective Sydney

Newsletter date: 19 June 2015


* Media Release: STICS - Stop the Intervention Collective Sydney: Sydney protests 8th year of NT Intervention
* Upcoming anniversary march & rally: 3pm, 21 June 2015: NT Intervention - Stolen Futures - 8 Years of Racist shame!
* Homepage of Stop the Intervention:

26-28 June 2015: An art installation about the Yolngu people: S.O.S. Australia -restoring dignity will take place in Berlin

From the 26th till 28th of June the art installation S.O.S. Australia –restoring dignity will take place in Berlin.

The installation is about Yolngu people and their struggle for land rights, self-determination and a treaty.

The installation was developed in cooperation with Michele Harris from 'concerned Australians' and with the support of Yolngu people from Arnhem Land. It will be dedicated to Michele Harris.

Queen Elizabeth to be quizzed by Berlin demonstrators about Aborigines

The (German) Society for Threatened Peoples is planning an event in Berlin to support Australian Aborigines. We want to take Queen Elizabeth’s visit to our capital from 23 to 26 June as an opportunity to address her, the head of the Commonwealth, with an appeal to support the rights of Australian Aborigines. At the moment we are collecting statements of the Queen about this topic and are hoping for your support.