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Second Belanglo Murders Suspect Dies

The man who came under suspicion before Ivan Milat for the backpacker murders and who was the chief suspect for a time has died in Warrawong aged 74. His surname is Kas pr zy ck.

Police should take DNA samples because there were witnesses to some of his many crimes.

There is unidentified perpetrator DNA on file which was found under the fingernails of one of the victims at Belanglo. This DNA could well belong to this man.


Toni Cavanagh, Kay Docherty, 'Angel' of Belanglo Forest: Could this man be responsible?

This video is worth a watch. Certainly this man, of whom I have some personal knowledge, is highly suspect. As he's over 70 now, police should act soon to interview him and get his DNA or it will be too late. There are at least two witnesses who have given statements to police regarding his serial killing spree and three other probable witnesses the police don't seem too keen to interview.

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Facial reconstruction of "Angel" by Dr Susan Hayes:


Could this envelope solve the mystery of the DNA found in Belanglo Forest? The killer who is still out there...

The discovery of human bones this week in Belanglo Forest has reignited interest in the Backpacker Murders.

Ivan Milat continues to maintain his innocence and he and most of his family believe he was framed. There is much evidence to support this which can be found in various articles on this website:

The DNA of the killer which was found under the fingernails of the victims does not match either Ivan Milat or any member of his family.


"I was picked up while hitchhiking on the Hume Highway in the early 1990s by a dangerous man and it wasn't Ivan Milat"

This article has been re-posted as the original has been lost. It was written by the victim as an email which is reproduced below:


Ivan Milat: The evidence, by the late investigator Brian Raven

Picture: Brian Raven wearing a red
top at a Justice Action demonstration against
Guantanamo Bay shortly before
his untimely death.

Brian Raven was a good friend and fellow investigator. Some years ago his body was found in his home in mysterious circumstances; he had been dead some weeks. I have not heard whether there has been a coronial inquiry. At the time of his death Brian was working on exposing corruption in a number of high profile cases. He set up a website regarding the evidence against Ivan Milat. This is Brian's take on the evidence against Ivan Milat.

Ivan Milat files application for a review to the High Court: Sydney Indymedia exclusive

Ivan Milat continues to state that he is innocent and has been framed in the matter of the Backpacker Murders. He says that he cut off his finger due to refusal of access to necessary law books and a computer to type up his application for a review, not to get attention or to make an escape attempt.

Ivan Milat says: "The High Court informed me they received my application on 18th December 2009 and accepted it. It has been filed and I am applicant No. 356 of 2009. I've sent off the necessary documents to the Respondent in my matter - the Supreme Court."