Australian Mandatory Detention

Refugee hunger strike continues in Tasmania

Three men being held in Pontville detention centre in Tasmania have been on hunger strike for 11 days now, at the lack of progress of their refugee assessments. Around 150, more than half of the Afghan asylum seekers at Pontville detention centre in Tasmania were involved in a hunger strike, with most suspending their fast on January 25 to continue talks with immigration officials.

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Human Rights Alliance Media Release: Crises of our National Identity - Racism on show - Australian Mandatory Detention horrors.

The Human Rights Alliance Media Release:

Unprecedented crises of the Australian racist identity looming - Christmas Island Detention Centre a war zone.

Even with the transient relief of the High Court legal injunction various reports and a plethora of desperate pleas are rampaging out of Christmas Island Detention Centre, from Asylum Seekers and from some of those who work there.

Malaysia deportees call for help, declare hunger strike. Advocates demand access to the asylum seekers.

Refugee Action Coalition Statement 5th August Refugee advocates tonight received a distressed call for help from one of the asylum seekers being held pending removal to Malaysia. The short call said only, “We are in a bad way, we need help. We are starting a hunger strike.”