Australian Liberal Party

Banner hanging a prelude of things to come...

"Goldman Sachs rules the world"
- Alessio Rastani

This morning we left a friendly message* hanging from the roof of Malcolm Turnbull's office.

Through it, we send our love and solidarity to all those occupying squares and buildings around the world as a stand against the global dictatorship of state and capital. We stand in struggle with the poor, the prisoners and the indigenous custodians of this
land, now carved up by mining and banking interests.


Human Rights Alliance Media Release: Crises of our National Identity - Racism on show - Australian Mandatory Detention horrors.

The Human Rights Alliance Media Release:

Unprecedented crises of the Australian racist identity looming - Christmas Island Detention Centre a war zone.

Even with the transient relief of the High Court legal injunction various reports and a plethora of desperate pleas are rampaging out of Christmas Island Detention Centre, from Asylum Seekers and from some of those who work there.