Australia Day

WGAR News: The day I don't feel Australian? That would be Australia Day: Chelsea Bond, The Conversation

Newsletter date: 27 January 2015


* Video: NITV News - 26 January 2015: Invasion Day Marches and Rallies in Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane

WGAR News: "Freedom Summit goes national and is now known as the Freedom Movement. The Sit-In in Canberra will commence January 26."

Newsletter date: 28 December 2014


* Events: The Stringer facebook: Upcoming Information Events: "Freedom Summit goes national and is now known as the Freedom Movement." [Includes Adelaide flyer]
* Events: The Stringer facebook: "Tour dates to hear about the Freedom Movement are coming together with Adelaide and Sydney organised, ... " [Includes Sydney flyer]

WGAR News: Protest over land council mining plans: Mel Barnes, Green Left

Newsletter date: 28 January 2013


* Mel Barnes, Green Left: Protest over land council mining plans

* Brisbane Times: Indigenous rally on Australia Day in Qld
* SMH: Sodden but not sunk: How Queenslanders marked Australia Day
* Sovereign Union: Invasion Day March Brisbane 2013
* Background to the Aboriginal sovereignty movement
* Background to Brisbane Aboriginal Sovereign Embassy, Musgrave Park, South Brisbane, Qld

* SBS Radionews Audio: Reviewing the MDGs: Pt 2 [Millennium Development Goals]

WGAR News: "Day of Mourning protest: The most significant moment in Aboriginal political history"

Newsletter date: 26 January 2013


* NIRS: Day of Mourning protest: The most significant moment in Aboriginal political history
* NIRS: Australia Day a "race-based" celebration
* Joseph Toscano, Anarchist World - 3CR Audio: Inappropriate 'Australia Day', Invasion Day
* Peter Gebhardt, The Age: A national day of shame
* NIRS: Treaty demands to be outlined at Melbourne protest
* WGAR News: Aboriginal Sovereignty Day, Invasion Day and Survival Day Events: Sat 26 January 2013

* Tracker: Win for tent embassy activists

WGAR News: ALSWA calls for bipartisan commitment to justice reinvestment: Aboriginal Legal Service

Newsletter date: 20 January 2013


* ALSWA calls for bipartisan commitment to justice reinvestment
* NIRS: WA legal service slams criminal justice system failures
* Background to Aboriginal imprisonment and Deaths in Custody

* Tracker: Six million to attend "Australia Day" events on Invasion date

* NITV News: NSW Aboriginal Land Council under fire over CSG permits

* Australian: Road project may be halted as Aborigines seek burial-ground injunction

* SNAICC News: Appointment of Professor Helen Milroy as a Royal Commissioner

Belgrave Survival Day 2012

On January 26th approximately 1000 people gathered in Borthwick Park in Belgrave to share and learn about indigenous culture, reflect on the experience and consequences of colonization for Aboriginal people since 1776 and to celebrate the Survival of indigenous culture.


I see no riot or attack on Australia Day but police aggression, how about you?

The incident where Prime Minister Gillard was dragged away by the security forces to the car and speeded away has been portrayed by the media as an attack or riot in Australia Day.