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Melbourne couple opens fair trade cafe with asylum seeker staff

Melbourne couple opens fair trade cafe with asylum seeker staff

From the Art is chuffed to announce the opening of a social enterprise cafe and retail shop in just a few short months’ time. In the meantime, owners Crystal Fickers and Trishay Trada are running a crowdfunding campaign to fund the start-up.

Located in Ashwood, in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs, From the Art will serve up specialty organic tea and coffee from a sustainable fair trade source. Every cup of coffee will support STREAT, a local organisation working to end youth homelessness.


Stop the refoulement of Sri Lankan Tamil asylum seekers

Melbourne 22 May 2013: The Australian government has separated 14 Sri Lankan Tamil asylum seekers, 4 men, 3 women and 6 children (including a 6 month old baby), who arrived by boat and were detained in a remote immigration detention centre in Christmas Island from other asylum seekers and have informed them that:

a/ They are not going to be allowed to make an application for asylum.
b/. They are going to be forcibly deported to Sri Lanka.

They will be taken by force to a military plane and flown to Sri Lanka at 9.30 am Christmas Island time (12.30pm Melbourne time)


Refugee advocates rally to support refugees in immigration limbo at Broadmeadows

Over 300 people gathered to support the 55 asylum seekers in immigration detention at the Broadmeadows Melbourne Immigration Transit Accommodation (MITA) Centre, organised by the Refugee Action Collective (Victoria). 55 asylum seekers have refugee status but are in immigration limbo as they have adverse security assessments from ASIO with no right of appeal or ability to question ASIO's sources. More than 30 of these people are locked up at Broadmeadows, some for more than 4 years, with no end in sight.


Tamil refugee from the Oceanic Viking attempts suicide overnight

RAC Press Release - 14/5/2012 A Tamil man who was on the Oceanic Viking has attempted suicide in Melbourne Immigration Transit Accommodation in Broadmeadows overnight. Jasee is the third Tamil with a negative ASIO security clearance to try and take his own life this month. Tamils in this situation face a life of indefinite detention, unable to be returned to Sri Lanka as they have been recognised as refugees, but the Immigration Department refuse to release genuine refugees if they have unappealable negative security clearances from ASIO.


SOS for refugees - Vigil at Broadmeadows gives hope to those detained

About 50 people attended a peaceful vigil in solidarity with refugees, held outside the immigration detention centre on Camp Road, Broadmeadows in Melbourne's northern suburbs on Wednesday evening, January 18, 2012.


Asylum seeker policy: What will be the result?

Let us face it, it is not illegal to seek asylum in another country. On 31st of August, the High Court of Australia ruled the “Malaysia Solution” as simply invalid and unlawful; which demonstrated public expression of relief when this outcome was announced. However, it led to a game by which the government had to find a different direction to run from this issue.

Refugee groups oppose Gillard’s offshore ‘solutions’ in Malaysia and PNG

Refugee Action Coalition media release detailing immediate concerns with MALAYSIAN SOLUTION.

Also on this issue.

Julia Gillard's announcement of a deal to send asylum seekers attempting to arrive in Australia by boat to Malaysia is just the latest chapter in Australia's attempts to dodge its international obligations as a signatory to the UN Convention on Refugees, according to the Refugee Action Coalition.

Villawood protest on Anzac Day – demanding a fair go for refugees

Refugee Action Coalition Press Release 23/4/2011Wayne Swan is wrong to criticize Monday’s planned refugee rights protest at Villawood detention centre, refugee supporters say. Following this week’s unrest at Villawood, refugee rights advocates will stage a mass show of support for Villawood detainees on Easter Monday, 25 April. The 25th is also Anzac Day. Refugee supporters will meet at Chester Hill station at 12 noon, before marching to the Gurney Rd side of the detention centre for a rally in support of detainees.


BD News: Australian PM seeks support from Asian leaders for asylum centre in Timor-Leste

Update on Australian PM's proposal for Asylum-seeker Processing in Timor-Leste (31 Oct 10)

BACK DOOR Newsletter on Timor-Leste:

Australian PM's proposal for Asylum-seeker Processing in Timor-Leste:

Sentru Prosesamentu ba Refujiadu iha Timor-Leste ka lae?:

Um Centro de Processamento de Refugiados em Timor-Leste?:

31 October 2010

BD News: Responses in Timor-Leste to Australia's asylum seeker plans

Update on Australian PM's proposal for Asylum-seeker Processing in Timor-Leste

BACK DOOR Newsletter on Timor-Leste:

Australian PM's proposal for Asylum-seeker Processing in Timor-Leste:

13 October 2010

A collection of articles and news items about Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard's proposal to establish a processing centre in East Timor for people seeking asylum in Australia.

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