Letter from Honduras, of demand/solidarity against repression at Syd Uni

Tegucigalpa, Honduras
11 July 2013

To the university authorities of University of Sydney, Australia

In the honour of solidarity between the peoples of the world, from Honduras, we learnt of the abuses by police against university students and workers and other people who fight for better conditions at this University. These people had their rights violated: we demand an end to this repression.

We join our voices in calling for the respect of people's integrity and for a liberatory education.


Occupy Melbourne eviction - A first hand account

As a freelance journalist, it is my job to cover protest and put myself into situations where others may feel unsafe. It is my job to cover events as they unfold and report on them. Here is a detailed first hand account of my experiences of Occupy Melbourne's eviction. 

Here I am not stating support for or against Occupy Melbourne. This is simply a detailed statement of what I witnessed.

Gallery of the Eviction


Fines for 73 climate change activists protesting proposed power station

The Muswellbrook Local Court today was crammed with activists. In the largest single court appearance for an Australian climate protest 73 people faced trespass charges for a mass civil disobedience protest on December 5, 2010. They were each fined $250 by the court.


Police brutality fronts antiracist demo in Newtown

Today at 1pm, more than 100 people gathered at the Hub in Newtown to protest against racism in the area.

Following several community demonstrations against a mural that says, “say no to burqas” at nearby Station Street, the group decided to go to the mural in opposition to this racist statement. Together residents threw paint and pasted anti-racism posters over the mural, made noise and held banners with the statements, “fascists off our streets” and “racists out of Newtown”.

WikiLeaks protesters march in Sydney despite police intimidation

After a speakout at Sydney's Town Hall on Tuesday December 14, a large group of 1000 protesters successfully marched to Martin Place, despite numerous attempted police blockades.

Police violently assaulted four protesters, to issue fines for obstructing traffic, but it was police that were holding up the traffic for US TV star Oprah Winfrey, who had closed down much of the city to broadcast a show from the Opera House.


Protestors arrested as bulldozers move in at Westerfields

Four protestors have been arrested this morning and charged with trespass on summons as they attempted to halt the bulldozing of a flora and fauna reserve to build the Peninsula Link Freeway in Frankston. Up to a hundred police converged on the site, forcibly removing around 30 protestors and arresting four.